Magnetic fishing is now a trend: buy the best fishing magnets online

Magnetic fishing is now a trend: buy the best fishing magnets online

As its name implies, fishing is done with devices equipped with very strong fishing magnets instead of a traditional fishing line and hook. These have a high self-explanatory adherence. These magnets are also known as search magnets. The magnetic equipment for these fishermen are relatively inexpensive compared to the browsers need a metal detector.

Magnetic fishing using magnets and magnetic products.

Of course, magnetic fishing is not about catching fish. The fishermen rely on metal objects that were lost on the seabed. Here you can fish for valuable treasures ranging from military items to coins and other valuable collectibles. The probability of catching a valuable object may change depending on the site and preferences. It is possible to find historical elements of one of the world wars.

What is needed for magnetic fishing?

It doesn’t take much for magnetic fishing. These are the required equipment: Of course, a magnet, preferably with high adhesion. You will also need a transport box and a rope. Magnet performance is an essential criterion for magnetic fishing. So choosing the right magnet is very important. You cannot use any magnet to fishing under water. The neodymium magnet is capable of lifting up to one hundred kilos.

Look for the following with a magnet

The higher the better. Because if the magnet sticks to an object that weighs more than 100 kilos, it is difficult to remove it from the water. If you want to save the magnet, then you have to dive. A force of 150kg is sufficient. However, the larger the size of the magnet, the better because the size increases with the size of the dressing surface.

The shape, whether it is round or angular, is not important. As a rope, the conventional fishing line cannot be used due to the high tensile forces. Of course, the string must correspond to the pulling force of the magnet. Otherwise, the rope may tear when fishing for a heavy object. The rope should be 15-20 meters long. With an even longer rope, handling becomes more difficult.

What are the advantages of magnetic fishing?

It may sounds that you can catch fish with it, but it is not. Magnetic fishing makes a lot of fun due to the following facts. The surprise factor is very large, since you do not know that you can fish. The cost of purchasing the necessary equipment is relatively low. Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS).

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