Mahindra has introduced its new variant xuv 300, which is a big sized car with many unique features. It has defeated its rivals and acquired the top position. The Mahindraxuv 300 colours are so appealing and captivating due to its variant range of colours which are Dual-tone red rage, Pearl white, Aquamarine, Napoli Black, Dual-tone aquamarine, red rage and sunburst orange. The outer portion of the xuv 300 is made of compact design attracting the customer in a single sight that one can’t leave.  The Mahindra xuv 300 provides the two alternatives of engine, which could be 1.2 L turbocharged engine petrol or the 1.5 L of diesel engine. To be noted, the 6-speed manual conveyance is made available in both alternatives of the engine. The diesel engine (AMT) would be made available soon in the Mahindra xuv 300.

Regarding the exterior of the xuv300 it is similar to the Ssang Yong Tivoli but the body panels are distinctive in its comparison. The dimensions of the Mahindra xuv 300 are in relation to its length (4585mm), width(1890mm) and height( 1785mm) with five doors and seven comfortable seatings. The minimum turning radius of xuv 300 is 5.30mm with alloy wheels providing support in turning the car. The braking system of the front and rear brakes are disc-shaped. The suspension of the xuv 300 for both front and rear is MacPherson Strut with Anti-Roll Bar. The xuv 300  provides the displacement of 1497cc with 115bhp at the rate of 3750 rates per minute. There are six gears and four cylinders in the diesel engine. The xuv 300 diesel gives the mileage of 20kmpl with the 42.0 capacity of the fuel tank. The size of the front tyre is 215/55 R17. The xuv 300 price in the market range from 8.10 Lakh to 12.69 Lakhs.

The Mahindra xuv 300 delivers the specific key features mentioned below:

  • The Mahindra xuv 300 offers the smartwatch connectivity by installing the Blue sense app to keep the command over the temperature setting and audio controls. It also consists of automatic wiper controls and headlamps.
  • The Mahindra xuv has intact IRVM that maintains the intensity of the light, which is reflected in the rearview mirror for safe driving during night hours including the mind-blowing feature of Dual climate control.
  • The xuv 300 provides the variants of the ABS for controlling the braking system and the electronic system of using brakes.
  • The mount seating in the Mahindra xuv has also child lock to keep your child safe from any accident.
  • The Mahindra xuv 300 provides the warning alert for all the passengers sitting inside to tie their seat belts and parking sensors. It has the steering modes for normal, sport and comfort mode.

Lastly, I would suggest the buyer for purchasing the Mahindra xuv 300 by keeping in mind all bulletin points and features mentioned and described above. Hence, it is the perfect and appropriate selection for the medium-sized family.

Edward Powell