Maintenance Tips for the Sex Doll Revealed by

Maintenance Tips for the Sex Doll Revealed by

To maintain the aesthetic appeal of your porn sex doll, you have to take care of her regularly. No matter whether you own a silicon doll or a TPE, you have to clean them thoroughly with soap and warm water. You must wash your dolls after having sex. It would keep them hygienic and fresh. Every time you meet your doll and get intimate, you will have a beautiful experience. Here we would discuss few tips that would help to increase the durability of your doll.

Maintenance tips for your sex doll

Your lifelike love dolls are precious to you and therefore you should take proper care of them. The below-mentioned tips are fool proof.

  • Clean the doll after use– Some of the sex dolls have a removable vagina, which makes the cleaning exercise quick and convenient. After having sex, you can remove the vagina and clean it separately with soap and water. If your doll doesn’t have removable vaginas, simply wash it along with the whole body.
  • Inspect your doll regularly– One of the straightforward maintenance tips for your doll is to inspect your doll for any damage. While you clean your doll, examine it closely so that you can spot any kind of damage that might have happened. It will help to keep your silicone love dolls in good shape.
  • Use quality lube– Using lubricants enhances longevity by reducing friction during intercourse. When there is less friction, there are minimum chances of injury. Lube improves the experience by making it more realistic. Water-based lube is the best option for your doll as it is silicon-friendly and latex.
  • Store your sex doll well– Prepare a storage space for your sex doll before you buy her. Make sure to arrange cozy storage depending on the size of your sex doll. After the intimate moments and cleaning process, keep your doll inside the store safely for next use.

Sex doll investments are huge, and to make them last for a lifetime, you have to maintain them. You can use a condom if you want to simplify the cleaning process. You can use baby powder to keep your dolls fresh and clean.

Clare Louise