MBBS in Georgia for Indian Students 2020

MBBS in Georgia for Indian Students 2020


There are plenty of courses available in various colleges that can help in building a career in the medical field. One such course is MBBS as it consists of whole knowledge about the human body in depth and details. This course is a building block of all the doctors around the world. 

We know that MBBS seats in India can be difficult as there is a vast competition for college seats all across the country. But now Indian students can opt for MBBS in Georgia 2020 as well. Multiple universities are offering this course where many Indians are studying and doing good in their careers as well.

Georgia has multiple universities where many students from India are studying. They are getting benefits from these universities as the level of quality of education is very good. There are increases in the percentage of Indian students as well.

Some of the benefits of MMBS in Georgia


The infrastructure of universities is really good. Laboratories and other labs that are available with world-class facilities. All the facilities are provided by the student so that they can learn in the best method from the facility of the university.


World-class faculty is available in Georgia. The knowledge of faculty from the medical field is high. They can help in guiding and giving the right direction to the students who want to pursue a course in MBBS in Georgia.

Fees structure

The fee structure of MBBS in Georgia is very less, and it will save a lot of money for students. This course takes care of the budget of the locals as well as international students as well. Many students from India are pursuing MBBS in Georgia due to this reason as well.

Weather condition

The weather condition across the whole of Georgia is really good and pleasant. This makes it a good factor as it will not be a burden for the students to study in extreme weather conditions. This weather condition will help in easily adapting it for Indian students.

Admission Process

Universities in Georgia are taking admission for MBBS in Georgia 2020 without any entrance exam. And there is no need to appear for IELTS or TOEFL for Indian students. And the admission process is easy and simple where the basic requirement is Class 12th with Physical, Chemistry, and Biology are core subjects. 

Course duration

The duration of the course is 5.5 years in which an internship of 1 year is included. This course will help in gaining theoretical, practical knowledge as well as working in a professional field as well. MBBS in Georgia 2020 is the best option for students from India who wants to complete their graduation in the medical field from a foreign country.

These were some of the reasons which attract students from India. The process of admission is easy and stress which makes MBBS in Georgia a good option for all the Indian students. Many students across India chose this option of studying Georgia as there are more opportunities and workplace environment in Georgia.

Clare Louise