Means of education, old and new

Means of education, old and new


About the development of teaching aids

Education was and still is one of the most prominent ways that humans used to pass experiences and build civilizations generation after generation, as the means of education varied according to different times and places, and the multiplicity of the subjects of study and the development of technology, which is only a cumulative result of learning and education, and the means of education aim to communicate the idea to Students in the simplest and best possible picture, and provide information, ideas and skills in multiple methods in a serious attempt to communicate information and consolidate knowledge, so the means of education evolved from the traditional means to the most modern means, and in this article an explanation of each of these two types.

Ancient teaching methods

Views may differ on the extent of the influence of the old means of education, so some prefer it over what has become of the educational methods today, while others stand alongside keeping pace with development, improving the student and teacher experience, to support the outcomes of the educational process and its development, except that each period has what suits it and serves its possible requirements As the old method of education has two basic characteristics, traditional education is one-way education, that is, it is a teacher-centered education, not the student, where the study material is provided by the teacher without the student’s interaction or participation in it, and therefore the student’s reliance on his teacher increases with an increasing centralization of the role of pain It did not, which may put the student in the receiving space, instead of activating the role, and the development of its interaction and participations. [1]

As for the second characteristic of the means of education in the past, it relates to the illustrative means used in the traditional education process, such as boards, cards, and pictures. The plate is one of the most widespread visual means in our world, whether in schools or institutions, or various educational seminars, and it is one of the methods that Almost any classroom and any training institution are devoid of it, due to a number of goals that this educational medium achieves, which were able to remain in spite of all the variables, and the objectives of their use are the following: [1] [2]

Facilitating the explanation and presentation of the educational material by the teacher, in addition to accelerating the understanding of the provided material, as these panels provide further clarification and detail to students.

Helping the student to remain attentive to the sequence of explanation of the subject matter, while contributing to reducing the dispersion of students, and if his mind is displaced, he can return to what was written on the board.

Writing the ideas of the lesson in a logical and logical manner, and using simple drawings, which achieves the complementarity between the spoken and written word, and facilitates the memorization of the presented material, which leads to good remembering in the future.

Summarize the important points in the lesson, and help the student write down information.

Presenting the problem and the questions that the lesson revolves around, either with the aim of raising students and exciting them, or discussing the important issues that the lesson talks about, and extracting benefits from it.

The smart board may be considered an example of a transitional stage between traditional and modern education, as it is used as a means to display study material, such as texts, equations, maps and graphs, and also as a means of participation, interaction and communication between teachers and their students, through the interactive environment provided by smart panels, so the involvement of more senses in Receiving and interacting establishes information and increases concentration and fun while receiving lessons, as well as the possibility of immediate evaluation and interaction with other educational environments outside the walls of the school, so I made a real leap on more than one level, using technology i The traditional method, and its usefulness and effectiveness, increased for the teacher, the student, and the educational curriculum. [3]

Modern teaching methods

At the time when the traditional method of education takes place in one direction from the sender to the recipient, modern means of education have been found in which modern technology is used, which has made the learning process easier, more effective, and more enjoyable. These tools include computers, different tablets, the Internet, different screens, etc. . [4]

The use of computers in education is considered one of the most important fields of contemporary science, so it is necessary to get acquainted with its various components and parts, its internal structure and method of work, and the programs that serve the educational process and improve it, therefore the use of computers in the educational process has many advantages, including: [4]

Helping students to think, creativity and research with the various available resources to enrich the information with them, instead of receiving specific information for preservation and storage.

Prompting students to use computer programs in arranging and summarizing their information, converting it into knowledge using tables, and coordinating and storing information and references to facilitate their transfer or return to it.

Prepare students for a future filled with more advanced technology, and enable them with those skills that seem to be the requirements of the times, so that they can benefit in their future and use them to the fullest.

The impact of the Internet on teaching aids

Today, the web contributes as an effective tool in finding the various data and information that a student may need in the educational process. The use of the web places an important part of the educational process on the learner, for example, the use of educational applications and intensive educational courses on the web places the learner with the responsibility to choose the study material And the method of studying it, scheduling learning hours, organizing information, using it and developing it into skills, but one of the advantages of using Internet technology in education is providing high flexibility in what suits the lifestyle of each learner, It also provides many options in terms of the subject and the selection of the educational institution, as the multiplicity of those options and the diversity of their sources and forms enables the learner to invest those opportunities and use his time with a beneficial benefit, and achieves the possibility of his self-excellence in the knowledge balance, without incurring huge costs, so online learning is available to all individuals Society, every time and wherever they are, for with knowledge, nations grow  People squatting and developing, just as the multiplicity of illiteracy requires society to strive with all its resources to combat it, and to invest every opportunity that comes with beneficial knowledge. [4]


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