Menorca, the budget friendly island on Spanish Ocean

Menorca, the budget friendly island on Spanish Ocean

Menorca is often described as a touristic paradise for nature and tranquility lovers. Unlike its most known siblings like Majorca or Ibiza, Menorca is a preferred destinations for those who seek a particularly calm getaway, but there’s an specific topic that always gets into a person’s mind before making up the decision of making (or not) the travel to this desired destination: is it on my budget’s reach?

Luckily enough, the answer to this is huge yes

It may be because of its calm atmosphere, or its nature lover oriented enchant, but as a matter of fact, prices in this Island are much more budget friendly than in the other destinations, and here are some tips that might help you get around it without having to rethink on your annual vocational budget (and maybe make a second trip back to the island to enjoy more of its incredible range of activities that can be done)

Find a good deal on places to stay at

Internet is your best friend for this part of the task. Menorca posses many hostels and villas to stay at, depending on how tight on a budget you may be, different options might appear more convenient than other. Planning your vacations months ahead also helps a lot to find the best on Menorca villa deals so you can make your stay as comfy and cheap as possible.

As the best known hotels and resorts are the best accommodated ones in terms of location (conveniently close, and sometimes right on the beach shore), there are plenty of options to look for in the old town’s map. Accommodations such as two or three starts hotels are quite common especially around Ciutadella or Mahon, with many bus routes (or even the hotel’s private transport) linking to most of the touristic places around the island.

Stay away from the harbor/resorts restaurants

That Beautiful ocean sight while you eat comes with a Price that will definitely be reflected on the bill at the end of the meal. Try to look for those restaurants that are some streets away from the harbor, where you’ll still be able to enjoy the fantastic local cuisine at a more budget-friendly price. Same principle can be applied to places to find a drink. Want to save some cash? Sit at the bar itself.

Avoid seasonal peaks

Of course summer is the most appealing time to go to the beach…But it is also when flights and accommodations are the most expensive. The island will still offer a nice weather on spring and autumn and even on winter has very nice views and places to explore on its wilds.

Edward Powell