Minimize Effort And Inaccuracy With A Pulley Alignment Laser Tool

Minimize Effort And Inaccuracy With A Pulley Alignment Laser Tool

You probably learned all about pulleys and gears in the sixth grade and perhaps even designed a pulley system of your own to showcase how the effort is reduced by adding gears and belts to minimize the force required to perform a task. There are many elementary examples of pulley gears, such as a well, where a pulley is used to help draw the water and lift the bucket easily to the top. Without the pulley system, it would require alot more effort to lift a full bucket of water back up the well. Similarly, machinery uses multiple belts and levers to perform otherwise strenuous and taxing tasks, and the pulley systems in each machine make the task a lot more manageable and efficient. Unfortunately, belt drives are often misaligned and cause significant depreciation on productivity and functionality in a machine and may also cause damage and premature wear and tear. Take a bicycle, for example. The chain acts as the pulley so that the force applied on the pedals is transferred to the chain and acts upon the wheels to generate movement. At one point in your childhood, you probably experienced problems with your bike chain and had to have it fixed before you could ride your bike again, and you may have even attempted riding it home while the chain was dragging along the floor.  There’s no denying how difficult it was to get those wheels turning without the help of the pulley, and the same principle applies to machinery that requires the function of belts. 

Pulley alignment laser tools make alignment fast and efficient to minimize damage and slow production. It should be a tool that every manufacturing business has to mitigate misalignment from their machinery. 

Controlled Effort And Output

An important aspect of machinery is the consistency in which it runs. If your machine is giving you different results every day, you have no way of measuring your business’s profitability and productivity. Think of it this way. Suppose you are training for a marathon, and you need to run ten kilometres every day at an average pace of eight kilometres per hour. In that case, you expect your treadmill belt to perform at that speed consistently for the duration on the ten kilometres. Without the consistency of the belt, your training efforts are wasted. In addition, when your treadmill belt shifts to the right or the left, it can’t rotate efficiently, and the speed and durability of the belt are significantly reduced. Any machinery used regularly needs to undergo the necessary review and alignment to keep it running optimally. Your treadmill belt needs to be aligned and oiled often, and the same applies to any other machinery that uses a pulley system for operation. Thankfully, realigning your belts is much simpler when you use pulley alignment laser tools, and accuracy, precision and quantifiable results are seen from the very first use. 


A business that thrives is a business that has measures in place to secure proficiency. Using modern techniques to get the most out of your machinery is one such proficiency that many businesses simply cannot afford to go without. So, why not invest in pulley alignment laser tools and save your company all the hassle and idiosyncrasies of outdated rulers and the potential for inaccurate results? Take a look at these top five advantages of using laser alignment tools:

  1. How reliable is your eyesight? Probably not as reliable as a digital tool. Laser tools are the most accurate method of determining misalignment down to a fraction. Don’t risk the functionality of your machinery on misjudgement.
  2. Laser tools provide instant results that can be compared to the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure the machinery is operating optimally. Quality assurance is a key take-away. 
  3. Laser tools are simple to operate, and just one person can generally do the alignment. It is an efficient and fast way of procuring quantifiable results. 
  4. Although a laser tool is a significant investment, the return is far greater and typically pays for itself within a few months. The time and money your business saves are incomparable to any initial expense, and the durability of your machinery is optimized. 
  5. Laser tools are primed for consistency and will give accurate readings every time. 

If your business is looking for an innovative and measurable way to identify misalignment in their machinery, then look no further than Benchmark PDM for pulley alignment laser tools and many other laser tools to suit your needs. Feel free to browse our website or contact us to request a quote. 

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