Mistakes to Avoid When Dumping Medical Waste  

Mistakes to Avoid When Dumping Medical Waste   

You must be aware of the fact that medical waste contains hazardous chemical items and other harmful elements like broken glass used bandages, sharps, waste medicines, anatomical body parts, and whatnot. All these dumped materials contain pathogenic microbes that can spread diseases. Because of the dangers associated, there are several laws that people are obliged to follow. Apart from the laws, you must also be mindful about the following mistakes that you must avoid while dumping medical waste:

Mixing medical waste with other wastes

You should never mix medical waste with household garbage and dump them together. Medical waste should be put inside special containers and dumped in specific areas. Medical waste should never be dumped in open garbage dumps. Also, make sure not to put the medical waste container beside other waste containers.

Allowing Liquids to Leak

A considerable amount of medical waste consists of liquids. It can be body fluids, blood samples, urine test samples, laboratory chemicals, solutions, and disinfectants. The container containing medical waste must be sealed properly to ensure not an ounce of liquid flows out of it. For the proper sealing of the containers, contact the Staten Island Medical Waste Disposal service. Their quality service would take care of every bit of the process.

Opening Medical Waste Containers

No medical containers should be kept open. It might cause exposure and contamination. Even when they are being inspected, the seal shouldn’t be opened. When disposing of medial waste you most know that sealed medical containers don’t have to be inspected.

 Using Your Bare Hands

Another frequently made mistake is dealing with medical waste with naked hands. When you do so, you have a high risk of getting infected and diseased. You must wear proper personal protective equipment comprising gloves, facemask, full-length protective wears, and goggles before dealing with medical waste.

Storing Containers in Unrefrigerated Rooms

When the medical waste decays, it attracts vermin. To prevent medical waste from decaying, every medical waste container must be stored in a refrigerated room. However, refrigeration units meant for food and other chemical storage must not be used to store medical waste containers.

These are a few mistakes that you must be mindful about. The Bronx Medical Waste Disposal service provides quality waste disposal services. It has trained personnel who handles and manages the medical waste effectively and cautiously, affecting the environment as little as possible.

Nicholas Jansen