Most Common Issues with Air Conditioners

Most Common Issues with Air Conditioners

Imagine you sleeping like a baby in the night and suddenly you wake up because of the intense heat. You are all wet in sweat and since you cannot sleep anymore, your next day is already ruined. This is what nights would look like if the air conditioner had not been in place. It protects us from the scorching heat of the sweltering summers of Singapore.

Just like all other machines, air conditioners too require regular check-up and proper maintenance. Air conditioners can be clogged by dust thus, they require regular cleaning as well. Depending on the problem your air conditioner shows, you may choose to go to an expert. However, there are multiple problems that can be solved by you.

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Common air conditioner issues which can be fixed at home

Not all air conditioner issues require professional attention. Certain minor issues can be solved by you as well.

Here is a list of those issues:

1. Not turning on– At umpteen instances, the air conditioner unit would fail to turn on. The first step of the diagnosis involves checking whether the unit is properly plugged in or not. One of the possible reasons is a blown fuse. If the fuse is ok, then there can be a fault in the wiring. Bad wiring prevents the power to get into the air conditioner unit. 

If, however, all seems well, then you have reached the limit of your jurisdiction and it is time to contact a professional.

2. Sub-par cooling– one of the most common issues which users complain of is inadequate cooling by the unit. Dirty evaporator coils, damaged thermostat, inadequate gas in the compressor, etc can be the reasons for such a problem. You must try setting the temperature to the minimum and if the problem persists, call professional help.

3. Leaking water– a faulty installation leads to an air conditioner that leaks water. In some other cases, the drainage channel of the air conditioner unit gets clogged which creates the issue of leaking water. This issue can be solved only by professionals. 

4. Noisy air conditioner– more often than not, air conditioners create noises. This noise can be because of dirty evaporator coils, damaged motors, or some internal loose part. 


Air conditioners are a blessing in summers however they have to be taken good care of if you want to relish the joy of cool air.  

Edward Powell