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41 Moving And Packing Tips To Make Your Move Dead Simple

Moving is a part of everyone’s life, regardless of the circumstances around. Even though the thought surrounding moving is usually exhilarating, the actual process does not prove to be so. Make a point of planning. Luckily, people have moved before, so there are tested do’s and don’ts that can prove significant.

Get rid of clutter

Packing can seem overwhelming when it seems endless, or nothing will fit the assigned boxes. Regardless of how hard it will be, cut out all the unnecessary items as you pack each box. Less packing means a lighter load. Also, unpacking will be a lot easier.

Create a moving folder

A lot of information will be subject to change, so start gathering new addresses, moving contracts, purchase or rental papers, etc., into a folder. Even though most people will do this on their devices, make a hardcopy just in case they ran out of power. This way, any required document will be within reach at any during the process.

Start packing as early as possible

Since the plan for moving exists, start the packing process. Begin with the stuff that is off-season, not regularly used, or that won’t be missed. Advance packing eliminates the stress that comes in during the final weeks and days about running out of time before packing is complete.

Makes bookings in advance

If there are any services to be hired during the process, make a point of booking early. Whether it’s cleaners, painters, renting supplies, or logistics, early booking eliminates inconveniences such as last-minute price hikes, unavailability of movers and trucks. Avoiding the last-minute rush is a time and cost saver. With El Paso movers, the early booking may earn you discounts.

Schedule for utilities

It will be very disappointing to arrive at a place with no water, lights or heat. Therefore, contact utility providers ahead of and create utility plans for the new home. Make sure to file the requests in the moving folder. Also, don’t forget to cancel utility subscriptions for the current home.

Keep the essentials close

A day before, pack the essentials; toothbrush, a change of clothes, medication, kids’ toys, necessary paperwork into a suitcase that will be kept in the car, cab, or plane. In case anything happens and everything else is lost, the essentials will buy you some time to get everything back in order.

Get all the right equipment

Before the actual moving day, make a quick run to the store and get essential moving supplies. This will include stuff such as garbage bags, adhesive bandages, box cutters, packing tape, paper towels, and permanent markers. Order online in case store runs will be impossible. Even if not all the equipment is used, they will prove very handy during the unpacking process.

Moving companies will rent moving tools that will prove significant when there is a need to move larger equipment. Companies such as El Paso movers will have their own, without paying extra. For frequent movers, purchasing the tools will prove to be more cost-effective.

Consider getting loading ramps

Even though trucks without loading ramps are cheaper, the extra struggle and hassle are probably not worth it. Having to lift every box and furniture piece will not only sore the muscles, but it will add more labor and hours to the moving process.

Get the right boxes

Pack the light items into large boxes, such as pillows and linen, while heavy stuff like books goes into the smaller boxes. This will lighten the load and reduce the risk of breaking items.

Heavy on the bottom, light at the top

Put all the heavier items at the bottom of the box, and then place the light ones at the top. Furthermore, heavier boxes go towards the front of the truck.

Fill up the boxes

Ensure all boxes are fully packed and balanced. Do this by filling up with towels, clothing, or packing paper.

Paul Petersen