Moving up the career ladder: effective ways to make it happen

Moving up the career ladder: effective ways to make it happen

Forging a long and successful career in business is essential for most people. This is not only how you pay the bills but also how you save money for treats such as holidays. Of course, when children come along, it is also how you put money aside for future expenses such as that first car or helping to buy their first home. Making the most of your career is not just about the financial rewards you will get back though. 

Climbing up the career ladder will help give you self-respect and also status. Moving up through the ranks in your organization will help you to be seen as someone who is going places and who is admired by others. If you are just starting out at work or have been stuck in the lower levels of your career for a while though, moving up may not seem that easy. The good news is that with the right approach, it can be a lot simpler than it seems.

Here are a few great tips on moving up the career ladder and how you can do something to help it happen.

Go back to college

Some entry-level roles across business do not require prior academic qualifications. This may mean that you are currently working but without any degrees, certificates or associated degrees to your name. While there is nothing wrong with this, it will stop you from moving up through the ranks eventually. Most senior roles will call for some kind of formal qualification, which means heading to college to get them is wise. This is also true if you have been to college already but do not have the specific qualification needed to move up in your sector. 

Moving up to an office management position is a classic case in point, where you will probably need the right qualification first. Office management courses are therefore key if this is your goal, and you should check out an office management course listing online to help. This same general idea can be true for many other sectors and roles, where a certain qualification is required to further your career.

Go the extra mile 

Your boss (and their boss!) will start to notice you for the right reasons if you go that extra mile regularly when doing your current job. It does not have to be massive gestures either – it is often small things that you do naturally that make the biggest impression. If your boss wants that report for close of play, for example, then let them have it by lunch. If you do this often, then over time you will gain a reputation for being efficient and delivering great service. When it then comes to moving up in your career, you will be in a much better position to make the most of it or be considered for new opportunities.

Act professionally at all times 

While you need to work well with your current colleagues, getting involved in slacking off or messing about when you should be busy will not help you move ahead with your career. You need to do all you can to avoid being associated with unprofessional behavior and instead be known as someone who always acts in the way that a businessperson should. This will demonstrate to senior figures that you are ready to take the next step up in your career and can be trusted to do so. 

Get involved with new projects or groups

Many people at work make the mistake of shutting themselves off from the bigger picture and only focusing on their specific role. However, getting involved with as much as you can alongside your daily duties is a great way to get ahead. If there is a new project starting that is looking for people to help, then sign up. This is even more worthwhile if senior figures from your workplace will also be there. Even if it is just a new group that meets for breakfast once a week to talk through new ideas, it is worth going to get your face and name better known. In time, this will mark you out as someone to watch and who is keen to advance their career. 

Start working now to move on with your career

The simple truth is that moving on with your career will not happen by itself. You need to start doing what you can to get noticed by those who matter and show them why you deserve that promotion. The above tips give some fabulous ways to go about it, from getting the right education to putting valuable extra effort in. If you take them on board, you should soon find yourself moving up the career ladder.

Bonnie Baldwin