Natural Remedies for Period Cramps

Natural Remedies for Period Cramps

Periods are the necessary evil for all women. Whereas a lucky, few percent of women have easy, breezy cycles, the rest are stuck with a week from hell when their periods start. Not only do they have to endure the obvious discomfort from their periodsbut have to tackle the debilitating pain as well.

Cramps might be serious!

There is little understanding into how or why some women experience more pain than the others. The world of hormones is riddled with such uncertainties. However, certain conditions are notorious for causing extremely bad period cramps. Girls who have just started having their periods, those who have heavy flow, women who have their first born alongside those whose bodies over secrete the hormone prostaglandins have bad cramps.

Sometimes, other factors can also be at play that can cause severe cramps. If you fall into neither category, and are having a nightmare dealing with the menstrual cramps, perhaps visit the best gynecologist in Lahore to rule out more serious conditions.

Natural remedies work!

Painkillers are a godsend when it comes to the really bad period cramps, however, for many it’s not a feasible option, as they just provide temporary aid, and aren’t all that great for the body as well.

People want a more holistic way of dealing with the cramps, and natural remedies are perfect. They do not have side-effects and offer an overall reprieve, rather than merely targeted treatment.


Women who regularly exercise have less period cramps. Exercise helps release the good hormones, beta-endorphins, which help the body feel good and have the much-needed reprieve from the pain. Moreover, exercise also helps the body get rid of prostaglandins, which cause the pain, faster.

Cardio and other forms of aerobic exercise are best way to naturally rid of the severe period cramps. However, during periods, it is very hard to do high intensity workouts. Substitute them with low impact exercises. Yoga and stretching are also helpful for curbing the cramps.

Heating Pads

Heat works to relax the worked-up muscles of the uterus. Heating pads are thus very helpful and are sort of instant in their effect of easing the pain. Some women prefer to curl up against a bottle instead of the pad. Others put the heat on their lower back. Just as long as the heat is provided to the hurting muscles, you will start to feel better.

Soaking in warm baths is also helpfulbut might feel a little icky during the periods.

Massage with essential oils

The principle behind massaging is also the same as behind using heating; easing the muscle. Massage is a great way to remove the pressure from the uterine muscles, so that they stop hurting.

A research was conducted by Egyptian researchers to explore the effects of aromatherapy massage on menstrual cramps. It was found that aromatherapy massage was very effective in decreasing the pain and the flow during periods. Moreover, the massage using the essential oilslike cinnamon, rose, lavender and clove, was more effective

However, on their own, essential oils are very strong so do not forget to use a carrier oil like coconut, olive or almond oil when getting the massage.

Eat Better

No matter how hard the urge to indulge in comfort, junk food is during the bouts of cramps, don’t. The binging may help temporarily but will do little to ease the pain. Instead, eat a better diet to get rid of the pain.

Saturated fats are neither good for the body nor the cramps, so chuck them out and opt for unsaturated oils like olive oil. Moreover, increase the intake of omega-3 fatty acids, as they are great to tackle the pain. Fatty fish like salmon and tuna is a great source of the nutrient.

Furthermore, be sure to consume sufficient fluids, as dehydration also aggravates the cramps. A lot of women complain of bloating and the subsequent unease as well during their periods. It is best for them to take a low-sodium diet, as salt causes water retention.

If the natural remedies still fall short in providing relief, visit the best gynecologist in Karachi to get medical help.

Nicholas Jansen