New Nail Beauty Blogs To Watch In 2020

New Nail Beauty Blogs To Watch In 2020

Women always love to look gorgeous and to decorate their nails with beautiful vibrant colors. This has been a trend ever since and is still followed. Each and every woman has at least a few colors available at their home so that they are able to paint their nails whenever they feel like doing so. Even women who do not like makeup as much as others do apply nail colors at regular intervals. Nail colors are not makeup but it is very essential in order to keep the nails healthy and protected.

What are blogs?

With changing technologies and the changing social platform, it has become very important for brands to have bloggers who put across information about a particular product that helps in reaching out to the customers. This has become a very important step as more and more bloggers and influencers are arising and this is exposing the audience to a whole new world. There are certain blogs available on Nails and their health as well in It is said that these blogs help in clarifying any queries and doubts.

Top 3 blogs

Some of the blogs that you can go through are as follows:

  1. Vampy Varnish

Vampy Varnish is famous for bringing before the wide range of its readers the different colors available in the market. They show high – resolution nail polishes with honest reviews Which have their readers in determining whether they want the nail polish or not. They are ready to solve all your queries and doubt when you ask them about the product and its details. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They are well-known bloggers with a fan following of 65.3k on Facebook, 13.8k on Twitter, and 23.9k on Instagram.

  1. Polish and paws

Polish and paws is another blog on nails where you can get routine care for retaining the beauty of your nails. This blog is owned by Tiffany and mostly deals in providing nail polish swatches testing nail polish coming out with nail art and providing nail tip care. This work is very important for women who are not aware of how they should maintain the health of their nails. If you have not had followed you can follow her on Facebook Twitter and Instagram. She has a huge fan following do not as huge as vampy varnish. My followers are using Facebook and Instagram but not as on twitter. Her followers are – Facebook 3.6k, Twitter 370, and Instagram 11.9k.

  1. Rose’s blog

From Roses blog is another blog that covers nail care. Though, unlike Vampy Varnish or Polish and Paws, it doesn’t only deal with nail care tips but also in other lifestyle changes that take place in our daily life. Ranging from self-care, growth, and development, she covers each and every topic that a modern-day girl needs to face.

Bonnie Baldwin