NGOs rejuvenating education for poor in India

NGOs rejuvenating education for poor in India

Education is a powerful weapon that changes life to the utmost effective way and breaks out poverty. It provides the right to receive knowledge and power that helps for cultured living.

After 70 years of independence, more than 20 million children remain out of school in India. The children who live in a village or under the poverty line couldn’t find the proper way to learn education.

Promoting Education through NGO

Thus, the Right to Education Act, 2009 creates a way for the children to make way to enroll and retain children education, especially for those who lost their childhood education from marginalized sectors.

The major imbalance occurred due to poverty, illiteracy, and women’s education in society. Thus, NGOs exist to balance the proper implementation of education for every Indian child. Indian NGO plays a significant role in creating an opportunity for poor children to build a future career through education.

The Power of NGOs

Education NGOs in India work hard to strengthen the education system in India. NGOs spread awareness about the importance of education and take the initiative to send vulnerable underprivileged children back to school and empower them to break out of poverty.

NGO works through contributions from various fundraisers. NGO’s work as a team to identify the most vulnerable student in the poorest states due to poverty, illiteracy, children miss out on school, and inaccessible transport facilities.

The children who dropped their education due to various reasons have been enrolled through NGO. Education NGO greatly helps them in providing proper education in age-appropriate grade.

Awareness and Counseling

Education NGO creates awareness programs for the benefit of the children. NGO conducts various workshops, awareness programs, and counseling to their parents and local communities and explains the importance of education.

The children who studied with the help of NGO have successful careers in their life. The NGO helps the children in education, food, stay, and other various activities to benefit the children and their future.

Management Committees

Education NGO forms school management committees that comprise of teachers, volunteers, parents, students, and committee members for administration, school development, and quality education that helps take accountability of children.

Skill-Development Workshops

Apart from learning activities, NGO works hardly in other skill-development workshops like sports, personality development, leadership program, entertainment activities, etc. for the benefit of the children. The continuous multiple activities help the children increase their confidence, learn the rights, and help build skills for the near future.

Quality Education

Education NGOs in India takes appropriate steps to the poor children to continue their discontinued studies and helps them provide books, learning material, strengthen school infrastructure to ensure quality education to each child.

Education NGO plays a vital role in the spread of education to various parts of India is undeniable. Together with existing Government, NGOs, and support from corporate and fund provide will ensure that no child is left behind uneducated.

Education is more important to every individual in the country to end inequality in the nation. Education gives power, knowledge, self-confidence, and better livelihood opportunities. Come forward to help children build their future and develop our nation.

David Lockhart