Nine Most Lucrative Trucking Jobs

Nine Most Lucrative Trucking Jobs

The trucking industry has been evolving during the past few years, making it quite a lucrative venture. Getting the right local truck driver jobs california will get high paying rates within a shorter time frame.

In this industry, the earnings are not pre-determined by work experience or age. For an individual looking for local truck driver jobs california with high pay, there are several options they can look into.

Liquid Hauling

Chemicals, gas, and other unsafe substances can be hazardous to be around. Therefore, they will mandate for skill and immense skill to drive and haul them. This means that you are going to cash in more work, such as industry. Furthermore, the rate can be more expensive depending on the company that a person works for, together with the material they will be required to haul.

For a liquid hazmat driver, the median income is $54000, with some instances going up to $120,000.

Oversized Loads

Individuals who drive over-load trucks and double-wide trucks can attest to a very handsome earning rate. This job will require distinct training where the driver learns how to drive specific trucks. Also, after the training is complete, the drivers have an exclusive driving license.

Thus in this industry, skills will earn more. For people willing to work extra hard and sacrifice family and personal time, they can rake in a salary of $100000.

Ice Road Trucking

Given the danger associated with driving through such conditions, a person can get an impressive pay. Within the months that a person is working, they can rake in an amount ranging from $20000 to well over $75000. This pay is spectacular, considering that the job is only part of the year.

Speciality Car Haulers

Delivering cars to clients or transporting vehicles that are damaged will rake in a decent salary. Furthermore, delivering luxurious and speciality cars guarantee an individual will earn a lot more. If an individual is new to this field, the starting salary ranges around $60000. For drivers with more experience, the median pay is $73000, with individuals earning up to $120000.

Dump Truck Driving

For individuals who are looking for trucking jobs with lesser danger elements or they are just looking to change their driving pace, dump truck driving is a good option. Furthermore, it is an excellent alternative to over-the-road driving. Dump truck driving jobs are available in many areas, even internationally. Even for people working with smaller local companies, they can earn highly too.

Mining Industry

A person can either work as a contractor or seek work with a mining company. The most common driving jobs in this field are deliveries and pick-up, even though there is other work. This job has a guaranteed lucrative paycheque.

Team Driving

Burn out is a significant problem for long-distance drivers, and the amount of driving can be limited. Also, where they drive may be limited by the state laws and federal regulations. Therefore, team driving is a favourable option for a lot of long-distance truck companies. Besides, the pay is also lucrative, with higher pay rates than most regular trucking jobs.

Owner Operator Truck Driver

For individuals who own their own trucking business, they are solely responsible for every operational expense. Nonetheless, self-employment in the trucking industry can be very profitable. Depending on the type of deliveries, miles driven, and customer satisfaction, an independent driver, can rake in well over $200000 annually.


High paying rates in the trucking industry are not solely for the drivers. Working for the trucking company can also assure a handsome paycheque. A recruiter will earn better, and more so if they can bring in the best drivers.

Paul Petersen