Octopus energy referral program – Earn rewards while saving on bills

Octopus energy referral program – Earn rewards while saving on bills

A fantastic approach to reducing your energy expenses while simultaneously reaping rewards is by making the most of the Octopus Energy referral program. Octopus also has some of the cheapest standard energy tariffs on the market. This referral program allows existing Octopus customers to refer their friends and family to switch their energy supply to Octopus. For every successful referral, both the referrer and referee receive a £50 credit on their energy bill. So, it’s a win-win situation you save money on your energy, your friends and family save money on their energy, and you both get a nice reward. There are many excellent pros to participating in Octopus’s referral program.

  • £50 bill credit for every successful referral you make
  • Referrals are not limited
  • Your referees also get a £50 credit, so it’s rewarding for them too
  • Helps your friends and family save money by switching to cheaper Octopus energy tariffs
  • Referral credits are added to your account usually within 1 month 

Quick and easy online referral process 

Referring your friends and family to switch their energy supply to Octopus Energy is simple. Have your friend go to the Octopus Energy website and begin moving their energy to Octopus by selecting the “Get Octopus” button. Upon being prompted, your friend should enter your name and email address in the relevant referral fields. They also enter a referral code if you have one. Octopus will then email you confirming your credit for the referral. 

Once your referral completes their switch to Octopus Energy, within 1 month, £50 will automatically post to both your and your referral’s accounts. You can then use your referral credit toward your energy bills. It’s so easy to rack up referral rewards and savings! The referee must be a new Octopus customer who has not switched in the last 3 months. They must stick with Octopus Energy for at least 3 months after switching for the referral credits to be issued. 

  • Provide your referral link or code to friends and family and have them enter it when signing up for Octopus.
  • Post your referral link on social media so a wider audience can see it and switch using your code.
  • Talk to friends and neighbors directly about the benefits of transferring their energy to Octopus Energy.
  • Use the Octopus Energy email templates to spread the word to your wider contacts list.

The more people you successfully refer, the more you can earn in bill credits! So get out there and tell everyone you know to switch to Octopus Energy using your personalized referral link today. With energy prices soaring, joining the Octopus Energy Referral program is an excellent idea to save money and earn rewards for you and your friends. So, why not take advantage of this win-win opportunity and start referring people you know over to Octopus Energy today? You and your friends will enjoy cheaper energy bills and a nice £50 thank you from Octopus for participating in their referral program.

Clare Louise