Online Betting in China

Online Betting in China

Gambling or betting is putting a certain amount of money or an asset on the occurrence of an event that is not presumptuous. Especially in China, it is strictly prohibited! But, here we are to help you with every detail on, how to bet from China?! 

The 3 Essential Keys of Betting are:

  • Negotiable amount (an amount to be wagered)
  • Chances based on probability (risk)
  • Reward (if one wins a game)

The Betting Scene in China 

Activities like betting and gambling are unlawful practices under Chinese law. Gambling was officially prohibited in 1949 when Communist Party took control. There are only two forms of gambling that are still officially legal in China. One is the National Welfare Lottery and the other one is the Sports Lottery both administered by the government. These two state lotteries alone bring about 40 billion USD every year. 

Now, these figures may sound incredible, but the underground betting industry produces more than that. Several reports have claimed that the illegal gambling industry produces 10 times more numbers than the state lottery.

The Chinese citizens generally go to the state outlets to gamble. It is also quite common to engage in social games at home and in nearby neighborhoods. Several criminal parties operate many Chinese betting sites secretively and also run full-fledged underground casinos.

The online betting sites used by the people of China are making huge money out of them. The Chinese government is facing a major issue tracking these sites since they are operating out of countries like the US and the Philippines. The Chinese authorities often use The Great Firewall internet censorship program to regulate these sites’ access to gaming websites. The Great Firewall sends you instantly an error message when you visit the online gambling website.

Is online betting allowed in China? 

No, it is banned in China. Although, millions of Chinese citizens make huge money out of these foreign gambling sites. The risk of getting caught is low. The underground casinos and gambling rings are at a much higher risk of getting caught. But if you are using a private internet connection and placing bets on a UK-based gaming site then you are at a much lower risk. Use Bet365 Mirror Site to bet in China. It is a very trustworthy and safe site to use. 

In China, people mostly prefer online sites to place bets because of the security and safety that it offers. Moreover, the state lottery poses high odds of winning a bet and is also subjected to high taxation. 

3 Ways to Bypass Any Internet Firewalls

  • Use a VPN: 

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is one of the most feasible ways one can bypass a Firewall. The most popular VPN services are provided by NordVPN and ExpressVPN. 

VPNs help to hide any online browsing without any restrictions while they are active, unlike proxies. Most VPNs are free to test otherwise it charges a fee for its monthly subscription. 

  • Use a Web-Based Proxy:

Web-based proxies are used to camouflage the IP address of the user and it doesn’t require any online traffic encryption. Moreover, it allows a user to access otherwise inaccessible sites. 

  • Look for Alternate Domains: 

Many China-friendly betting websites do set up alternate domains. So, if you’re not able to avail of a website, look for the website’s alternate domain.

The Gambling Laws of China 

In China, gambling is strictly prohibited be it online or offline. Online gambling is quite of low risk. But the authorities of China are always vigilant for locating the underground gambling rings. Only the state lottery is legal which is run by the Chinese government itself. The nearest alternative a Chinese citizen can either do is to visit Hong Kong or Macau. In Hong Kong, it is common to gamble and place bets in horse racing whereas in Macau one can visit the grand and luxurious casinos or can engage in sports betting. You can use Betpat mirror site and bet online.


Both gambling and betting are subject to monetary risk but with proper knowledge and experience, you may earn a lot!! So, happy betting!! 

In October 2014, The Guardian newspaper reported that the company had been taking bets from Chinese citizens by using obscure domain names in order to avoid government web censorship. Listing of these Bet365 mirror sites for Chinese visitors.

Nicholas Jansen