Online Casinos Show Pandemic Resilience

Online Casinos Show Pandemic Resilience

We’re heading toward the end of the year as we enter the holiday season with Christmas just around the corner, but things may not be as festive as many had hoped as the ongoing coronavirus restrictions that could prevent many of us from having the Christmas we’ve grown accustomed to. Whilst there are many businesses that will struggle during this period of time, there have been some that have shown incredible resilience throughout this period of time – and despite the efforts for a second lockdown across Europe, online casinos continue to pull in a surge of new players.

There had been efforts to slow the growth during the first set of lockdowns as restrictions had been placed on operators throughout – ranging in how big these restrictions were from advertising blocks that prevented these services from being advertised on TV and Radio to other restrictions that placed caps on how much could be deposited – this went alongside already known changes in certain countries such as the removal of options to bet or gamble using credit cards as a form of payment, and the additional authority granted to regulation platforms such as Gamstop which had aimed at reducing participation options for problem players.

Despite these methods to slow the growth, many operators have reported surges of new players throughout the year as online entertainment has become more popular throughout the year, players looking to avoid certain restrictions have moved to platforms at and new players who are experiencing online gaming for their first time have took advantage of the growing number of sites that have become available – there had been some expectations that the return of betting when sporting events returned could have some impact on the ongoing growth but that didn’t remain true as many players who would return to betting have seemingly stuck around with online casinos at the same time.

Whilst there is seemingly little change on the way that may impact online casinos throughout the end of the year and heading into the new year, there will certainly be a lot of eyes looking at the progress and the future for online casinos – this past year has shown how resilient the industry is where many others have struggled and have provided a lot of entertainment, but as growing risks are being identified for younger audiences and the impact these games are having on other industries in gaming with the rise of loot boxes and microtransactions, we could begin to see efforts made to limit play options once again. Although with recent news about adjustments being made to online mobile marketplaces with reductions in tariffs for purchases, the opposite may also ring true as operators make the change to be represented on some of the largest platforms in a more legitimate way, which could appeal to a growing audience who may have previously decided to forgo trying these types of games as they were more represented on standalone sites rather than app format, and could bring larger numbers yet again.

Edward Powell