Online gambling

Online gambling

Gambling is betting of money, or something valuable on something unpredictable like a game, with the intent of risk with a hope of gain on the outcome. Gambling or betting is quiet widely practised all around the world. Gambling is quiet a sport everywhere for its unpredictable nature. People also gamble in sports like cricket, football etc.

Asia’s gambling arena is so huge, that it accounts for almost 80 billion dollars, but the country of Indonesia has chosen the opposite stream. The government of Indonesia has completely banned all forms of gambling since 2012. The severity of this ban is quite high and the government has implied many rules and regulations in order to keep up with the strictness.

Despite all the strictness, there are still many functional casinos, bingo halls, poker rooms etc. hidden all around the country. These arenas are hidden under the disguise of salons, restaurants etc. and moreover, they are very popular among the tourists even they are still regularly raided by the police.

The scope of gambling is not much bright in Indonesia. Most of the Indonesians love betting, but they cannot place any wagers within their country due to strict regulations. Therefore, many decide to play on foreign or illegal online sites. These sites are easy to operate as they deal in the country’s currency and their interface features Asian languages. They have almost complete data of SGP 45.

The country has severe penalties for anyone caught gambling, but some globally based websites still offer safe gambling to Indonesians. These platforms are globally active and accept easy payment methods. Some of them are as follows:

  1. 1xBet
  2. Melbet
  3. Megapari
  4. 1xSlots
  5. 22Bet
  6. Pin-Up Casino
  7. Judisgp1 (with complete data of sgp production 45)
  8. Duelz
  9. K9WIN
  10. ScratchMania
  11. Empire777

Some famous games played by Indonesian gambling fanatics are:

  • Gonzo’s Quest
  • Who’s the Bride?
  • 8 Lucky Charms
  • Thunder fist
  • Dragon Dance
  • Dead or Alive

These games are delightful to the gamers and offer good chances of winning making the users love them. However, if the game is easier to play, there might be a chance the bets are low, but that’s completely a gaming strategy.

Security of Online casinos in Indonesia

Security is a major concern for anyone putting up real money. But, since most of these platforms are licenced and regulated by respected licensing authorities. You definitely need to look for the licence of a certain website offering you gaming services.

The government of Indonesia also offers licencing to almost 8000 gambling platforms annually. This licence makes these websites absolutely safe to be used. These websites provide you a huge variety of games to gamble on, and you can safely try your luck.

How to register on a gambling website?

The registration process is quite simple and mostly takes couple of minutes of your time. The process of registration on an online gambling website includes the following steps:

  1. Visit the online casino of your preference.
  2. Follow all the instructions provided in the website that will ultimately lead you to registration in a casino account.
  3. You might need to verify yourself i.e. your identity. This might require a legal credential like a passport, driver’s licence, debit/credit card etc.

How to avoid an Online gambling fraud?

There are several instances of people getting befooled by online gambling platforms, since these involve the transfer of money. You obviously don’t want to be the victim in a fraud committed by these fellows and thus, you might need to keep in mind several things while trying your luck!

  1. Make sure to check the reviews of an online gambling website to know about other players’ experiences. Star-ratings are also popular ways of getting to know about a website in a nick of time.
  2. Always check the terms and conditions sections of your preferred website for online gambling. These sections are often either excluded or hidden in the website to avoid the responsibilities. The infamous Indonesian gambling website provides complete data of sgp production 45.
  3. A casino might close a player’s account or ban him without genuine warning or reason because of the fear or paying a lot of money. Such websites must be avoided as they bend the rules of a game for their own benefit.
  4. Never share your credit/debit card pin with any website indulging in online gambling. This way, you can very easily bewitch by the fraudsters who might extort all your money.
  5. Look up for software providers for gambling platforms and find out their reliability in the field. They might even contain many viruses so beware before you download them.
  6. Find out what mode of money transfer is being used by a website. Prefer only safe-to-use mediums for transferring your money.
  7. Check review sites for the online reputation of the websites. If a platform has befooled people, someone might have just posted a review of their experience on Quora maybe! Don’t forget to check. If you get involved in a fraud, make sure to tell your experience to others through the inter net.
  8. Look for client help services. Even if something still gets wrong make sure you report it to the client support cell of the website. Sometimes, the lag is not intentional and can be solved by the website later, so make sure you don’t forget to report your bad experience.

Gambling is a sport only till the point where it harms no-one. But regular gambling might be harmful as there is a huge amount of risk in this field. You can enjoy it for a short period of time, but it is habit-forming in many cases. Do not indulge in illegal gambling, you might have to face time in jail, according to Indonesian laws. Also, if you are visiting the country as a tourist, do not indulge in such activities because it might worsen the situations for you as a tourist.

David Lockhart