Online System Specifically Designed for Education Agents!

Online System Specifically Designed for Education Agents!

I am an education agent working in an agency in Sydney, Australia. I have been using the online application management system for 3 months and found it very helpful and convenient. The system truly cures my headaches of filling mounts of documents and picking up suitable courses from thousands of selections when applying for Australian unis for my student clients.

As requested, I would like to share a bit of my experience of using the CatEight’s system to apply uni online and recommend this system to all the student recruitment agents who are struggling with trouble and inconvenience for online application work.

1. CatEight makes my work easy

Previously, I have set a folder for each student,  recording student’s information during the first consultation. Usually, the form included the student’s education background, personal information, preferred study destination, affordable tuition price, and contact details. However, as the number of folders increases, the computer gets slower, which really affects my work efficiency. So I was always expecting a solution that can solve all those issues and effectively increase efficiency.

Then, I was introduced to use the website called CatEight that has an online application management system, also known as CRM system, which helps me a lot during my work process.

2. CatEight automatically fills up the application forms

By using the CatEight online application management system, I make the student fill his personal profile on his own and then send the profile to me. I can directly cite his profile for applying for course and student visa online.

The student profile form of CatEight covers almost all the information needed for visa and course applications.

I remember once I helped a Chinese international student apply for the Barrenjoey High School and he also needed a student visa to study onshore. In the past, I had to collect all the application form info and materials by contacting students, save them on the computer, and then fill the uni application form by myself. But now, via CatEight online system, I just need to register an sub-account for my student and make him fill in his personal profile on his own and then send it to my account. For course application, just by one click, I was able to cite all the student profile info to the application form, no need of filling the box one by one! That’s to say CatEight could automatically generate a filled formed and I just need to check up and make modifications.

This saved plenty of my time and energy!

3. CatEight system automatically classifies all the application cases

As shown in the picture, the CatEight system classifies all the application cases into four categories. I can easily find a case I have received, sent, self-created or not completed yet. This feature really saves my time finding a case from hundreds of cases.

4. CatEight is also a Course Finder for Online Application

Course Finder of CatEight has covered thousands of Australian courses including primary school, secondary school and university courses as well as many other types of courses, such as English course. I can easily find a course I want by keyword searching.

For example, I had a student client who wanted to apply for a course package of Bachelor of Account and Bachelor of Laws in Western Sydney University. In the past, I had to use at least one hour to find this course and collect all the information. But by using CatEight to apply online now, I can view all the information at a glance. Besides, the course link is displayed as well, so that I can click the link to learn other details conveniently and apply for the course online directly. This truly improved my work efficiency, and because of this, I received lots of favourable feedback from my clients.

I would sincerely recommend this online application system to you. If you want to know more details about CatEight application, please read Charlotte Observer.

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Edward Powell