Optimization On Facebook: The Role Of Social Media Optimization

Optimization On Facebook: The Role Of Social Media Optimization

So you had this fantastic idea for your business, and you have finished setting it up and it is going great, but now you have heard a lot about people using social media to widen their business presence and you want to jump in on this, you want to know how to boost ads (วิธีการยิงแอท, which is the term in Thai) to promote and build your company. 

The internet has been a big influence on many businesses, and social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram has been a game-changer. When setting up a company identity on social media it is crucial to remember a few pointers that can improve your optimization and target a larger audience. Here let’s look into Facebook and ways to incorporate SMO to it.


The information you post on Facebook should be accurate and precise to your company. This not only improves search engine results but also helps a potential customer get a better understanding of your business. Give importance to your Facebook profile and layer out the company data carefully on that page. 

Profile Name: 

Can’t think of Facebook page name (คิดชื่อเพจไม่ออก, term in Thai), then keep these tips in mind. Use names that can showcase your business, Eg: Bob’s home appliance, using these types of keywords can improve your search result on Facebook. Don’t use a name that is too long it should be simple and easy to read because remember it the first thing a customer comes across when accessing your profile.


Search engines consider information on Facebook to be of high authority and pages with quality links can result in better optimization. Use links to direct the audience to your website or a relevant source. Try to fuse relevant and useful links into the content that you post too.


Search engines will consider profile where there is active participation going on. Try to post content on to your profile consistently and seek to get member involvement on those posts, you need to be social within your community to improve your profile. Strive to get as many shares, likes, and comments on your posts.


These are key when it comes to SMOs; include keywords relating to your business into the content that you post on your profile. Now when a person searches for example “best home appliances”, if you have used this keyword a good amount of time in many of your posts then chances are your Facebook profile will come up top in the search results.

With these pointers, you can improve your Facebook profile quality and have your business scale to new heights. Plus, these points are not specific only to Facebook they can apply to any other social media too.

So, open your computer and start hash tagging.

Edward Powell