Packing Peanuts To Minimize Shipping Related Damages

Packing Peanuts To Minimize Shipping Related Damages

Packing peanuts will protect your products from shock and the impacts caused when handling and during transportation. Packing peanuts is very effective and it is the lightest void filling packaging material. When your products have a long cargo time having to go through extreme shipping conditions then it calls for extra care and attention in packaging. If you expect your products to go through a lot of shifting and handling during shipping which you consider is not good for your products then you need packing peanuts.

Packing peanuts is used globally in packaging to give the products maximum protection possible. When you are using void filling packaging supplies, it is important that it does not increase the cargo weight. This is where packing peanuts comes as a handy solution. They are extremely light in weight and it is also relatively cheaper when compared to the other packaging supplies that are used to achieve the same results.

While selecting your cushioning materials it is not enough you select a material that is cost effective but it is also important to select a cushioning strategy that is easy to deploy and best still if it could be automated. We have this advantage with packing peanuts. Automated machines could fill the void in the packages using preset amount of packing peanuts. This way you will be able to control the amount of packing peanuts used and also provide every single package with a uniform level of protection. You will minimize wastage as well when you automate the process as it avoids human approximation wastages.

Sourcing packing peanuts in bulk quantities form wholesale shipping supplies companies will help you get better prices. Another great cost saving advantage of this particular type of void filling, cushioning material is that it is reusable. Whenever you make use of reusable materials in your packaging, you will bring down the packaging costs substantially.

Packing peanuts serve multiple purposes. They keep your products intact during shipping. It will protect the packaging materials from impact and shock. Further to that, packing peanuts can protect your products from extreme temperatures as they have insulation properties. You do not have to add another layer of insulation material while shipping and this helps in minimizing the packaging costs.

You should also learn about the challenges or limitations in using packing peanuts. They are known for static electricity related risks. Hence, it is not recommended for shipping electronic products. Before using packing peanuts check the regulations and compliance documents so that you are not facing any non-compliance issues.

Find a dependable supplier of wholesale packaging supplies to order your packing peanuts. You will need to ensure that the quality of all the packaging supplies you source are of premium quality. You need to look at cost effective options but not cheap and inferior products to cut costs. When you go for cheap and substandard packaging supplies, you are making your products vulnerable to damages during shipping and handling processes.

Nicholas Jansen