Parking barriers

Parking barriers

Parking barriers or blockers: essential for access control.

In a parking area or a garage, it is sometimes necessary to control access. Not everyone can access the car park for free or for free. For these cases, we put at your disposal various deterrent models of rubber parking blocks, access barriers, and parking stocks. They will provide solutions to access control to garages and individual parking spaces.

Parking barriers are devices that guard the garage. When the regular user is not using it, it will leave the barrier in a raised position. That way, nobody can use it.

Access barriers are used to allow or not access to the parking lot.

Wheel stocks are used to block the vehicle. Once placed on one of its wheels, the vehicle cannot move.


The parking stops or cable speed bump are designed to delimit the exact place where we have to park in the garage. This way, we will avoid hitting the wall when parking.

Enough of the doubts parking. Placing a floor stop, we will park quietly, knowing that our wheels will find the top. We can practice “parking to the touch.” When we touch the top with the wheels, we will know that we are in the right place.

The wheel stop can also be placed to optimize the parking space. It will allow us to establish where we should stop. In this way, we can take things out of the trunk or leave space to place a bicycle, motorcycle, or anything else.

Nicholas Jansen