Perfect Airsoft Guns for You Use

Perfect Airsoft Guns for You Use

Are you getting into Airsoft and need advice on choosing the right airsoft gun? Do you have many questions about the airsoft replica you should choose? His power? The type or model of airsoft weapon to favor according to the frequency of use that you will make it or accessories and essential equipment to practice Airsoft safely?

Thanks to the advice of the Airsoft replica specialists, we will discover together in a few points how to help you choose your first airsoft gun replica ( aeg replica, pistol replica, etc.) as well as all the equipment necessary for the Airsoft .

Airsoft weapon: The different types of airsoft replica propulsion

Before developing and describing the different models of airsoft guns that you could select, it is important to understand and know the types of propulsion that airsoft guns and rifles can use.

Directly available on our online store, you can find the 3 main categories of propulsion of an airsoft weapon:

Replicates airsoft with CO2 and Gas: it is used by using a sparclette, a cartridge filled with CO2 to operate the airsoft weapon. You should know that it is not always accepted in Airsoft teams.

Electric airsoft gun replica: this choice is more frequent on AEG replica models than on handguns. The airsoft weapon operates using a battery directly integrated into the replica. Replica airsoft automatic or semi-automatic, it allows effective and precise shots, however this supposes a good mastery of airsoft rifles to be more effective.

Airsoft Spring weapon replica: this is an ideal model for beginners, spring replicas use a spring mechanism to reset manually (semi-automatic) and allow you to learn at first to master the model well.

Airsoft gun replica: The big families of airsoft guns

To start well in airsoft, and make a wise choice, we invite you to know some bases like for example the big families of airsoft weapon available today on the market. You will be able to find models like the airsoft replica “Handgun”, which corresponds to a replica of pistols and revolvers. These are mainly used as a secondary airsoft weapon during scenarios.

Then, you can find the different models like the airsoft replica “Long weapon” corresponding to the AEG replica (assault rifle), the sniper or the shotgun.

At first, it is therefore important to know the long gun you want to practice and what the airsoft guns that could suit you are. To start, it would be interesting to opt for an AEG replica, which offers a wide range of airsoft weapon models (P90 , M16, AK47, Famas, etc.) which are easier to handle and which combine precision and mobility

Equip yourself well with your replica airsoft weapon

After choosing your airsoft replica, you will need to equip yourself to practice this sport safely. To protect yourself from the various shots of airsoft rifles, do not forget to buy protective glasses and clothing suitable for Airsoft.

Then, you can later opt for other accessories to optimize your airsoft gun replica such as rails, riflescopes, straps, etc. Do not hesitate, if you have any questions to discover the airsoft rifles available on our online store or to make any inquiries, our teams of airsoft replica specialists are at your entire disposal.

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