PMJAY can help bridge the gender gap in availing of healthcare services

PMJAY can help bridge the gender gap in availing of healthcare services

In India, a girl child is discriminated even before she is born. Due to the limited provision of resources, most Indian families prioritise the healthcare and nutritional needs of men at the cost of women.

Also, some cultural aspects restrict women from consulting male doctors, which further constrain their access to necessary health services. According to the National Family Health Survey, women in India do not seek medical assistance as they are unaffordable and not easily accessible.

Here, PMJAY (Pradhan Mantri Jan ArogyaYojana) scheme plays a significant role. It helps bridge the gender gap in availing healthcare services through the cashless facility. PMJAY scheme provides features that will improve the availability of medical services for women and young girls.

The families eligible under PMJAY scheme are mainly those with no adult male member. Also, there is no cap on the size of the families. The healthcare package includes services that primarily help women. Amongst the 1393 health benefits under PMJAY scheme, 116 emphases solely on women, 64 for men only, while the remaining 1213 are common to both.

However, note that some health conditions are prominent only in women and men. To gain a better insight into how the scheme is useful in bridging the gender gap, it is essential to analyse the health conditions that affect both men and women equally.

Both men and women being affected by certain diseases can vary based on their age, the degree of exposure to the proximate cause, their hereditary, and more. Having an analysis of these factors will help us understand the potential gender gap in the use of the services.

However, depending on the data collected so far, it is certain that PMJAY scheme is following the right path. There has been little to no gender gap among people seeking this healthcare facility across the country.

Also,  the data is continuously updated in the scheme. This will help assess the gender pattern in availing these services, further helping us analyse the reasons for any gender discrimination, and provide the necessary preventive measures.

In case any gender gap is observed, it will be addressed through more gender-sensitive planning. Here, women would be educated regarding the use of PMJAY scheme so that they can get ecards and seek necessary medical assistance.

PMJAY is bound to empower women in taking a stand for their health and bridge the gender gap in the use of medical services. Since the scheme mainly focuses on the poor and vulnerable families in rural and urban regions of India, women form a significant section of it.

A Final Thought

PMJAY scheme will only be successful when all women and young girls across the country receive their fair share of healthcare guidance and services. So, once you and your family are eligible under the scheme, you can move ahead to the PMJAY registration.

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Clare Louise