Portable Power Wheelchair Rentals: Types, Features and Accessories to Look

Portable Power Wheelchair Rentals: Types, Features and Accessories to Look

Portable Power Wheelchairs, also known as electrical wheelchairs, are battery-operated wheelchairs with 4-6 wheels, depending upon the make and model. The usage of power wheelchairs by elderly and limited mobility people has increased drastically in the last few years. It is because these chairs demand less strength for operating. Another benefit is portable power wheelchairs rental are easily available on affordable rentals and a person can even purchase them as per their requirements.

Portable Power Wheelchairs Rentals – Common Configurations and Types

Light-weight and Foldable Wheelchair Models – These wheelchairs look similar to manual wheelchairs but remain equipped with small electric motors and one or two rechargeable batteries. Ideal to use indoors, light-weight wheelchairs have two self-pivot wheels in front. These wheelchairs are easy to fold, therefore they are easy to transport them via train, airplane or car from one place to another. The basic model of lightweight portable wheelchairs lacks advanced features like elevated headrests, backrest or legrests.

Non-Folding Power Portable Wheelchairs – As the name suggests, these wheelchairs are non-folding in nature. Ideal to use both by bariatric and non-bariatric users, they are safe to use both indoors and outdoors for short trips. Available on a rental facility, Power portable wheelchairs come with non-folding and stand-up versions.  These versions are suitable to use by those people who are incapable to stand unaided and looking for some support for standing and doing household chores. Non-folding and stand-up wheelchairs are safe to use only on smooth and leveled flooring. 

Some models even vary on the grounds of wheels positioning like rear-wheel drive and mid-wheel drive. These wheelchairs have their own set of pros and cons. For instance, rear-wheel drive wheelchairs are excellent to use outdoors, have large battery capacity, good suspension but require a large turning radius. On the other hand, mid-wheel drive wheelchairs are quite good to use indoors as support small turning radius and offer a stable ride. The loopholes are they lack the suspension feature and not good to use outdoors. One thing is common; both rear-wheel drive and mid-wheel drive portable power wheelchairs rental Different models of portable power wheelchairs are available in the market with different features. However, it is necessary to consider a few features while buying the portable wheelchair.

Recommended Features to Look before Buying Wheelchair

  • Good Battery Capacity – Because wheelchairs are battery-operated, so make sure to purchase the one with good battery capacity especially if you are planning to enjoy short distance outdoor trips.
  • Flip-up/out FootRests – The flip-up/out footrests make transfer safer and easier especially for people with limited leg strength and balance issues.
  •  Flip-up Armrests – The adjustable and flip-up armrests allow users to sit in the wheelchair in the most comfortable position by placing arms in the way they desire.
  • Appropriate Design – Primarily, decide your usage and accordingly select the design of portable power wheelchair rentals.  For instance, if you are looking for compact wheelchairs, go with folding feature otherwise look for non-folding wheelchairs and so on.
  • Accessories – Most of the portable power wheelchairs are available with additional accessories that users can buy as per their requirements.

Accessories of Portable Power Wheelchairs

The power wheelchairs are easy to customize by using a number of accessories like:

  • Backrest and Headrests to get additional back and head/neck support.
  • Special seat cushions that ease back pain and prevent skin breakdown in people with sensitive skin.
  • Bags are easy to attach either at the back or at the side of the wheelchair for carrying small personal belongings like water bottle, magazine, wallet, etc.
  • Cup holders for carrying water and drink bottles conveniently during outdoor trips.
  • Seat belt for better comfort and positioning.
  • Replace two footrests with one-piece footplate.

Buy or Take Portable Power Wheelchairs on Rental Basis

You are free to purchase the portable power wheelchairs or take them on a rental basis. It goes without saying that avail a rental facility if you have price constraint or you want the wheelchair for a limited purpose.  Affordable Medical Equipment  is one of the leading companies offering power wheelchairs in different makes and models. Weight holding capacity, folding/non-folding feature, suspension quality, etc., are few factors on which these wheelchairs vary. So, feel free to enquire for both portable power wheelchairs available on rental and sale basis and purchase the one which meets your requirements.   

Edward Powell