Pros and cons of a VPN service

Pros and cons of a VPN service

VPNs are private networks that raise the playing field when it comes to keeping your data safe and your time online untraced. As online theft becomes more and more common, there is much more awareness of having to keep safe online, making it even more imperative that you log on to the Internet through a truly secure connection. 

VPNs allow you to go about your daily business, such as watching Netflix abroad, or Netflix in het buitenland to our Dutch readers, but as well as the pros of using one of the services, there are also a handful of disadvantages which can alter your decision-making process. 

Cons of using a VPN

Not all VPNs are created with the same level of premium features. There are many companies offering free basic services, and others which offer paid but candid services. One bad point of some VPNs on the market is the fact they have a slow download speed. Watching streaming channels online is a natural way to spend time online these days, but when it is slow and lagging it can quickly become frustrating and annoying. 

Anti VPN software is another element that can get in the way of enjoyable experiences online. Streaming or downloading does need a good amount of speed behind it, but the geo-locks also need to be kept at bay. Various companies put locks on to their content so only specific audiences can watch the shows, VPNs can often combat this, but big names are catching on to the techniques. A free VPN service is unlikely to have the right know-how to get around the companies’ actions.

Pros of a VPN service

There are many more pros than cons when using a VPN, as there are more benefits than just having heightened security. The safety and security element of using a VPN is of great importance to joining up with a specific service. All reputable VPN providers will have a list of security protocols they have in place to keep hackers and cyber attackers out of the way. 

The encrypted connections to the Internet and multiple software installations are just the tips of the iceberg, with plenty more security measures acting on your behalf throughout the duration of your session.

In addition to the security in place, your streaming activities will also benefit. As mentioned in the cons, there are geo-locks around the world which may prevent you from watching the shows you love. IP addresses reveal to broadcasters where in the world you are trying to access content from and in a matter of moments, you could be confronted with an error message saying you can’t watch a show. 

When trying to watch Netflix amerika, VPNs can allocate you an IP address from a server that’s based in the US which will gain you immediate access to the American shows you want to watch over and over again. The same applies to many different countries around the world.

Edward Powell