Pros & Cons Of Roof Top Tent Camping

Pros & Cons Of Roof Top Tent Camping

Overlanding, which is vehicle-reliant travel to remote destinations where the journey itself is the goal no the final destination, is trending right now and for a good reason. It gives adventurers a way out of the noise and crowds of modern-day civilization. And as long as your off-road-ready vehicle is equipped with the right equipment, you’ll find the luxuries of home you’re used to, like a full packable kitchen and a comfy mattress in a roof top tent, which will become your best friends when you start Overlanding. To help you prepare for roof top tent camping, we’ve compiled a few pros and cons to watch out for.

Let’s Start With The Good Stuff:

Epic Utah Views & Comfort – A roof top tent beats ground tents in the comfort department. Most of these shelters come with a memory foam mattress that is sure to set you up for a good rest in an unlikely place.

Keeping You Warm – Camping conventionally works well on dry, warm Utah nights. With a roof top tent being elevated above the ground, you never have to worry about wet or cold floors, keeping your floor from getting cold at night. Most of these camping gadgets even come with an awning so you can enjoy rainy day comforts.

A Great Place To Relax – Not only great for getting some great sleep, but roof top tents are also an amazing place to hang out and relax. With tons of windows for panoramic views of Utah terrain and a way to stay cool or warm, you may end up waiting to stay inside forever.

Don’t Let Camp Grounds Hold You Up – With Overlanding, you no longer travel to organized campgrounds. A roof top tent allows you the freedom to plan your journey around the epic sights you want to see, not just where a campground is located. Almost every National Park in the US is covered by a National Forest where you can camp for absolutely free.

Some Of The Cons:

Luxury Amenities Are Cut – Utah travel with a roof top tent is known for being minimalist. It can’t and shouldn’t be compared to a 5-star hotel or glamping, but don’t think that means your giving up comfort.

Setup Time – Just as with conventional camping, setting up and taking down your roof top tent will take some time, and if you are traveling for extended periods, doing the setup can be tiresome.

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Nicholas Jansen