Providing Maximum Care for Your Furry Friend

Providing Maximum Care for Your Furry Friend

Having a new puppy is comparable to caring for a newborn. To some extent, people consider their pets as family members. Puppy care goes beyond the basics of feeding and providing shelter. Even with your best intentions, you need to get outside help for you to ensure the best care of your furry baby. Here are some areas you need to look at for raising a good puppy:

Discipline and Socialization

A puppy will benefit from having basic discipline early on in life. Learning how to respond to their surroundings is also helpful. A reputable puppy school in Provo can help you achieve these things.

Expert trainers can familiarize your puppy with basic commands. Aggressive behavior such as biting and chewing will be nipped from the bud. You do not have to worry about destroyed belongings and furniture. Higher training deals with leashing, crating, and potty training. All these will contribute to a well-adjusted adult dog. But being disciplined and obedient do not mean leaving out the fun. Your puppy will have loads of activities that will make their mind and body agile.

Socialization will help tlhem interact with their surroundings, other dogs, and people. Being in a structured class when you first introduce them to other dogs provides safety. They will get the chance to have companionship without fear of being attacked. Enrolling them in a socialization class will make them confident with their surroundings. They will not get nervous or aggressive at the slightest sound. This will keep them safe in the outside environment.

General Health

A puppy’s tender months are the best time to work on their general health. Partner up with an excellent veterinarian. They can discuss with you important matters such as food intake and vaccinations. These two aspects are your puppy’s building blocks of a healthy lifestyle. 

Vaccine shots must be followed well to prevent grave diseases. A veterinarian can also discuss with you some signs and symptoms to look out for. This will help you catch an illness early on. Administering health care at an early stage can save your puppy’s life.


Your puppy has their grooming routine at home. But they still need a professional groom at least once every two months. Scout for a groomer that you and your pup is comfortable with. Services may include fur trim, dental upkeep, nail clipping, and eye and ear care. These will not only make them feel and look good. Proper grooming can prevent a host of dog problems such as an infestation of fleas and ticks. 

You can ask your groomer for some advice about proper bathing and brushing. They can also recommend proper grooming products for your dog’s fur type. Your puppy will enjoy having another friend that will take care of them every once in a while.

A Final Note: Reinforcement at Home Helps

Availing of the services of such professionals does not mean that you will go lax as a dog owner. On the contrary, you must be consistent at home with what your puppy has experienced in these places. You must practice the commands they have learned. Strengthen the routines they have established. Also, make sure that they get proper nutrition, activities, and rest. Lastly, keep their hygiene at top shape always. Getting the help of professionals only provides you with guidance. The bulk of the responsibility in the care of your puppy goes to you as their owner.

Caring for a puppy entails hard work. But the loyalty that you will get from them is priceless. You will have a constant companion and friend always.



Bonnie Baldwin