Public and private: A whole world of difference when it comes to transportation

Public and private: A whole world of difference when it comes to transportation

Transportation is one of the most basic of human needs. This fact has made transportation one of the main worries when it comes to human activities and how they might work or not. A lot of people can count on their own cars, however, statistics show that the bigger part of the human population doesn’t have a car of their own. This is not a problem, as many states have largely invested in solving their people need for transport, resulting in a scenario where any city around the world will have a wide mixture between public and private transportation services.

In order to understand the difference between these two one must first understand the meaning of this term. In one hand we have the public transportation, in which any fares charged for their services will be subdued to the city hall’s politics. In the other hand, private transportation methods will have more independency in these matters even though they still have to be approved by the government in order to function as a company.

Public transportation: a key element for a city’s daily life

Taxis, bus services, subways among others are very good examples of what does public transportation look like in most of the cities. There are some cases where some of these services are responsibility of private companies, however, when it comes to the fares that they can charge to their customers they will most likely need to make consultations with the city hall.

In most cases, any person will be widely acquainted with any of these services, as they are, or form part of the daily commute of a working adult person that doesn’t own a private transportation such as a family car or a personal driver. Even though it might sound just as a simple service, transportation is actually one of the most important factors needed in order for life in the city to work out just fine in daily basis.

Private transport services: away from the chaos and closer to comfort

Transfer services, ubers, personal drivers among others are just some of the many examples of what “private transportation” means. It is true that a family car is the main focus of attention when it comes to thinking about these kind of things. However, it is possible to see some cases where the private transportation becomes more frequent without having to be owned by the person.

Car rentals and transfer services while traveling are very good examples of the last point; any traveler might take a flight to get across a country, or even a continent, in matter of just a few hours, without having to worry for not having a car with them. Just a quick look for a city and the service (such as transfer in Madrid, or any other) will present the user with a lot of different options to choose from according to their needs, wants and budget.

Clare Louise