Purchase a Vivo smartphone for yourself for better facilities

Purchase a Vivo smartphone for yourself for better facilities

In this article, we are going to dive into the Vivo smartphone model. This has gained a lot of distinctions. It is very new in the market. The model name is Vivo y12. This Vivo phone was launched in 2019. The audience gave a perfect response to this product. As the price fits the pocket. The price of this device is 12,490 RS. Vivo is known for making good smartphones. Every phone in this company is one level up.

Coming back to the topic, y12 is an efficient and multi-functional phone. This phone works on android. The most essential part of any phone is the screen. This model of Vivo has a screen size of 6.35-inch. In short works, it has functional screen space. Apart from this, the color adds a lot of value to the phone. Right colors give the phone an aesthetic and classy look. This model of Vivo is available in two colors. The one is aqua blue, and the other one is burgundy red. Blue and red four are always into style. After all, the exterior body of the phone matters. It is very well designed. That is the reason it has been in high demand ever since it arrived. Apart from the other details, that matter is the ram and the storage.

This model of Vivo has a ram of 3GB. Which is quite a lot? So there will be no need to have another memory card for it. All the data or rando. The memory will be saved on the phone. 3GB is more than enough ram. When it comes to storage. The y12 has a storage of 64GB. This is quite amazing and impressive. 64GB of storage is very convenient to have. If we talk about the battery, The capacity of this battery is 5000mAh. All these things contribute a lot to their success. All these factors are presented on a table when the phone is bought.

A three-camera smartphone

The cameras are essential. It holds a lot of importance. Even this smartphone comes along with good camera quality. There are a total of three cameras. It is called a triple-camera device. There is a front camera. It is also called a selfie camera. The front one is 8MP. So you can click some flawless pictures. Apart from this, there are two more back cameras. These are located at the back of the phone. They are 13MP+2MP. This really falls in the category of top quality cameras.

Final words

This is a dual sim card phone. So you can operate two numbers simultaneously. There is a micro slot for inserting the memory card. It has also collected good feedback. This is the perfect example of all in one package. It has suitable storage, ram, and the battery. It has good battery capacity. So there will be no need to charge it very often. What can be better than this? This model of Vivo deserves a shot. We hope this article will help you out with your purpose.

David Lockhart