Purchasing Web Hosting Using Bitcoins

Purchasing Web Hosting Using Bitcoins

Website hosting that is high-performance and privacy needs to go hand in hand. And at THC Servers it does. You are able to buy “cheap web hosting” using either Windows VPS or Linux hosting with dedicated servers that are powerful, hosting for resale, reseller, or manage domain registration using Bitcoin by just checking out with Bitpay.

Bitcoin servers

With bitcoin dedicated server you get the following:

  • Stay anonymous
  • Anti-fraud system secured by military-grade cryptography
  • No hidden fees also eliminating the risk of chargebacks
  • DDoS protection – bitcoin comes with this protection free

Staying anonymous

When you purchase Bitcoin web hosting you can also protect both your identity and financial information from hackers who are always on the prowl. By using Bitcoin, you do not need to offer credit card information, bank details, proof of address, or any type of ID. By using Bitcoin, it is even possible to make a purchase and not have to reveal your identity.

Never been easier

Purchasing a hosting plan by using Bitcoin is very easy. Just pick the plan, or other product and then checkout by using Bitpay – the trusted Bitcoin payment entrance. You just need your address for Bitcoin to make payment and email that is working where you can receive authorizations and other information. It does not matter if you are using Bitcoin or other altcoins. You will still get the hosting packages so your website is twice as shielded and fast from many internet troubles as well as threats. These professionals are the best and determine what elements are best for your website – offering everything to Live and Run your website without any hassle.

Premium enhancements

These Bitcoin hosting plans come with security enhancements that are premium and many other benefits that help you enjoy premium web features at the most affordable prices. They provide you cutting-edge hosting solutions for business websites of all types and sizes.

Edward Powell