Pure and Perfect CBD Packaging Solutions for You

Pure and Perfect CBD Packaging Solutions for You

In the CBD industry supply chain, there is often a lot of focus on the quality and process of finding, preparing and analyzing the CBD product and little on how it should maintain its characteristics over time and up to its end of life. The CBD packaging sector is part of the complex CBD industry chain, as a fundamental element that requires specific professionals who know the characteristics of the product and at the same time the technologies that regulate CBD packaging.

Function of a CBD Package

We try to understand in a synthetic but detailed way what the purposes of CBD packaging are in order to also perceive the technological value that this sector has in the CBD industry:

  • Adequately contain the CBD product (e.g. bottles, jars, multilayer plastic packages, expanded or compact trays, etc.)
  • Protect CBD from mechanical damage
  • Represent an adequate barrier to gases and vapors in case of packaging in a protective atmosphere
  • Prevent or delay the biological and physical deterioration of the CBD
  • Facilitate transport and storage
  • Give the CBD product an attractive appearance
  • Offer an information opportunity to the consumer and allow the safe identification of the product through the labeling or the indications printed directly on the package.

All of the above has concretely made it possible to move from a circumscribed and limited marketing network to a large-scale distribution in all parts of the world, thanks also to the main authors of the large-scale retail trade (GDO). Choosing the right CBD Box is important in this case.

CBD Suitability of Packaging

A fundamental prerequisite for packaging for CBD use is their suitability, which essentially concerns the quality of the material intended to come into contact with CBD; this, in fact, must not make any modification or contamination (be it of a chemical, microbiological or sensorial nature) to the product.

The issue of controlling the CBD suitability of packaging materials and containers is governed by a series of Italian and European regulations and by the interventions of the Ministry of Health (dating back to 1973) in the work of regulatory harmonization or homologation within the EU. The overlapping of national and community rules has made, and still partly makes, the matter rather complex and subject to continuous changes; however, there are some fundamental principles that have always been common to both national and European standards. Don’t go for the Common CBD packaging mistakes there.

The principle of the “inertia” of the material and of the “purity” of CBD products according to this principle, materials and objects for CBD packaging must not transfer components to CBD in quantities that represent a danger to human health and cause an unacceptable modification of their nutritional composition or an alteration of their sensory characteristics.

Clare Louise