Questions Every Parent Has About Invisalign for Teens

Questions Every Parent Has About Invisalign for Teens

Invisalign for teens is a very good option for those looking for braces. Even though it is not the traditional way of getting braces, invisalign is the more modern way of getting braces today. Invisalign is particularly plastic aligners that are removable and work the same way traditional metal braces do. They are easier to wear and of course less noticeable than metal braces are. They are also said to be a lot more comfortable to wear than metal braces. Parents may have lots of questions in mind when it comes to getting invisalign for their teen so it is important to do some research prior to having treatments done.

Most parents want to know how exactly do invisalign for teens work. Invisalign made just for teens is an invisible way of straightening teeth. They are also custom made for teens so that they are comfortable and fit exactly the way they should. They resemble plastic retainers that are given to people after they have their braces taken off. Invisalign simply replaces everything that is included in metal braces for an easier and great option for teeth.

Parents may also want to know if invisalign is more expensive than traditional braces. When invisalign was first introduced, they were indeed a lot more expensive than metal braces. However, today that has changed. They cost about the same price as metal braces cost. This is especially true if insurance happens to cover the cost or partial cost of invisalign, as most tend to do.

Another great question that parents tend to want to know is what would happen if their teen were to lose an aligner. A replacement can definitely be given by simply contacting the dentist that provided the invisalign. Sometimes losing them happens because teens may take out their aligners to eat or may even leave them at a friends house by mistake. There may be an additional fee associated with replacements of any aligners so it is best to ask these questions prior.

When it comes to the number of hours required for teens to wear their aligners, twenty hours everyday is the best bet. In order for treatment to be effective, teens should not go less than twenty hours a day wearing their aligners. The only time they should be taken out is for eating and cleaning. There may even be some extracurricular activities that teens are involved in that may require the aligners to be removed.

As far as diet restrictions go, many may know that there are plenty when wearing metal braces. The good thing about invisalign is that there are no diet restrictions since they are going to be taken out when eating anyhow. Certain foods can get stuck in metal braces and should be avoided, but this is one benefit of having invisalign. They are well worth it.

Many parents may also like to know if there are any common issues with invisalign. Simply put, many teens do not wear their aligners enough. This will obviously result in longer results. There is an adjustment period in the beginning that all teens will need to get through and they can result one speaking with a lisp or an increase in saliva. This is the time when many teens do not wear their aligners as often as they should. These things can discourage many teens from wearing their aligners.

Make sure to ask as many questions as possible prior to having the aligners given to teens for the first time. This will remove a lot of the unknowns and hopefully shed some light on the benefits overall of invisalign.

Edward Powell