RakshaBandhan Facts You Should  Know

RakshaBandhan Facts You Should  Know

Rakshabandhan is a Hindu festival that is commonly observed throughout the South East Asian subcontinent. It symbolizes the love tie that exists between brothers and sisters. It’s also known as RakshaBandhan, which means “protection bond” in Hindi. It’s also a sign of the obligation that brothers have to their sisters to safeguard them throughout their lives. Rakhi is an interesting celebration with ancient roots and a lot of meaning. Here are some lesserknown facts about RakshaBandhan that you should know.Draupadi is a character in the Mahabharata. Rakhi was once tied to Lord Krishna. A few individuals are aware of the full tale behind this statistic. Lord Krishna once sliced his hand while kite-flying, according to legend. Draupadi tore a piece of material from her saree and fastened it to Krishna upon seeing this. In exchange, Lord Krishna swore to protect Draupadi under any circumstances. Draupadi was afterward safeguarded by Lord Krishna during her Cheer Haran.People send online rakhi to USA, Sri Lanka etc.

Another rakhi story is about the war between Alexander, the Greek ruler, and Porus, the Hindu ruler. Alexander’s wife sent Porus a sacred thread, requesting that he not hurt her husband in battle. Porus treated rakhi with the utmost reverence, as is customary in Hinduism. Porus was about to strike Alexander with a fatal blow on the battlefield when he noticed the rakhi on his hand and decided not to harm him personally.

Queen Karmavati of Chittor had sent Humayun a Rakhi to protect her from Bahadur Shah. Humayun, who had been on an expedition against Bengal at the time, returned to carry out his sacred brotherly duty and defend her, but it was too late. Chittor had already fallen, and the Rani had committed Jauhar’sRajput tradition of self-immolation.

RakshaBandhan is an Indian celebration, yet it is more widely observed than you might think. It is observed by both Indians and non-Indians in Nepal, Mauritius, the United States, Sri Lanka, and the United Arab Emirates due to which online rakhi sending is a popular thing. The celebration is especially well-received since it symbolizes a common relationship between brothers and sisters.

  1. Raksha Purnima, Rakhi, and Rakhri are some of the other names used in India.
  2. RakshaBandhan is not just for Hindus, contrary to popular assumption. Buddhists, Muslims, Sikhs, and Christians all participate in the festival.
  3. It’s also known as a gift exchanging festival, with brothers giving their sisters shaguns instead of money.
  4. In its electronic form, it is also a very popular festival. Using a commerce-based website, rakhi sending online has become easy you can send various e-cards, e-rakhis, gift cards, and other items online. Some websites that send rakhis online will also deliver thalis and presents to the addresses provided. Such websites are helpful in sending rakhi online USAand other countries.
  5. It is observed on the day of Shravan Purnima, which falls around August and is a full moon day.

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