Reasons To Choose A PDF File

Reasons To Choose A PDF File

PDFs are one of the most useful files as they do everything for you. Ever since the physical world has been shut off, PDFs have taken over the world. You can literally find them everywhere. Look at a kid’s assignments or an office’s document; you will find them to be PDFs.

There is a reason why PDFs remain the most popular form of files; below are all these reasons or why you should choose a PDF file over any other.


A PDF is a universal file; they are popular worldwide, and everyone understands how to use them. Whether you are dealing with firms from your own country or outside the world, you will be using PDFs.

Moreover, most companies ask for resumes and other important documents as a PDF file, So, one way or the other, you will be using a PDF once you have entered the corporate world.

Portable and searchable

PDFs are easily portable as you can save them on most of your devices. Moreover, any PDF editor or viewer will allow you to access the file and easily make adjustments. Also, you can easily share your PDFs with others. You can choose whether you want to share a link or the document.

PDFs are easily searchable, all you need to do is search for the word you are looking for, and you will find it. This way, you can eliminate useless scrolling and reading what you don’t need. A PDF file’s accessibility is one of the reasons why it has remained this popular.


You can easily access your file’s analytics when you are working with PDF. You can choose what a viewer can do, and you can allow people to edit your documents. Moreover, you will be able to see who all is viewing the file at the same time as you.

These analytics also include word count and if the security has been breached. Overall, a PDF file makes sure the user does not need to do much while keeping their security intact.


Since people are using PDFs for official documents and other reasons, it makes no sense for a PDF file to be risky. There are several precautions the developer of the file has taken to ensure the security and privacy of the user.

You can lock your PDF files with the help of a passcode. In case the password is ever breached, you will be informed. Moreover, there are several options through which you can restrict people and their actions.

Visually appealing

If you are someone who likes to add a tinge of creativity everywhere, you are going to love PDFs. There are several options to edit a PDF, and you can add tables, creative charts, and so much more. Moreover, PDFs are clean and easily readable.

In case your PDF is required to be a Word file, you can easily convert PDF to Word as well or vice versa. You can also add signatures to your PDfs. In a nutshell, you can modify your PDF as much as you want.

Paul Petersen