Reasons Why You Need Cable Instead of Streaming Services

Reasons Why You Need Cable Instead of Streaming Services

Cable and streaming TV war are not new. With the revolution of the internet, things have changed drastically. People prefer streaming to cable services due to many reasons, and one of them is cost. Moreover, due to a shortage of time, people don’t have time to sit in front of the television, which puts an extra burden on their budget.

However, streaming service is not as bright as it seems to be. For instance, if you want to watch live sporting events, you might not be able to catch up with the broadcast on Netflix. You either need to subscribe to another service offering live channels or simply need to switch to cable service.

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If you are thinking of cutting the cord completely, here are some of the reasons you should not. Let’s dive in to check why cable TV is more beneficial than streaming services.

Huge Channel Lineup

The problem with streaming services is that it offers quality shows and movies, without offering live and basic cable channels. If you are having a mixed family consisting of adults, teens, and kids, you won’t be able to manage everyone’s choice with a single streaming service.

For instance, if someone loves to watch documentaries on Discovery, you might need to hunt for a streaming service offering discovery in its plan. Big households need to recognize how good it is to have a cable TV subscription instead of a streaming service. You could meet everyone’s demand with cable TV rather than offering them only pre-recorded shows, TV series, and movies.

Dependency on Internet

Streaming service only works best if you have a high-speed internet connection. Without the internet, your screen would turn black and white, and you might end up looking for the services to get back on track. In case of a service outage, you will not only miss watching movies and TV shows, but also not be able to do basic online activities like socializing, gaming, and downloading.

Whereas, when it comes to cable TV, things are quite opposite to the case of streaming services. Without the need for the internet, you could watch everything by just powering on your television. You don’t have to worry about internet outages and slow speed because cable TV only requires a connection from the service provider, a wire, and a television set.

Sports Coverage

We all have a love for sports whether it be in the form of football, basketball, baseball, tennis, or golf. If you look at streaming services like Netflix and others, you might not be able to view content apart from what’s being provided by them. Some of the streaming services like fuboTV and YouTube TV offer basic channels that include sports as well. However, it is not possible to have all of your favorite channels in one place. You need either to switch to cable TV or subscribe to other streaming services, which may add up the cost.

Negotiation with Service Provider

When it comes to negotiation, you might not be able to negotiate with your streaming provider. The rates are fixed and you have to pay recurring charges over and over again. However, when it comes to cable TV, the reputation is not good enough when we talk about cost. But here comes the catch that many people may ignore. Negotiating your bill with your service provider and asking for better deals and discounts would help you save money. Especially if you are good at speaking, you might end up negotiating better rates.

Summing Up

When it comes to streaming services over cable TV, there is no doubt that cable services are far higher than streaming services. But with the perks and benefits given to the subscriber, the cost justifies what’s being demanded. The best way to avoid extra charges is to look for no-contract cable plans and bundle up with other utilities like internet and home phone.

Edward Powell