Reasons Why You Should Be Using Foamex For All Your Signage Needs

Reasons Why You Should Be Using Foamex For All Your Signage Needs

We all know by now that a  Foamex board can be used for a lot of different purposes owing to its light weight. So as the topic suggests we are going to expand on the fact why Foamex printing is such a good fit for all your marketing signage needs. Let us first begin with an interesting fact, even though the name of the material which is basically a PVC foam board is Foamex – it can be called a misnomer since there is no foam actually present in its composition.

So what exactly makes it such a good material and why should you really opt for it:

Firstly Foamex is considered to be a really useful medium because of the fact that it maintains its rigidity. Apart from this, it comes in a variety of sizes such as 3MM, 5MM Foamex, 10 MM, 19 MM, etc. Now owing to these two factors the most common usage for this medium is for making signs. You will find them at exhibitions or even for display panels, trade shows, etc.

Let’s elaborate upon the reason why you should opt for Foamex sign printing:

  • Talking about the fact that you can design a bespoke shape in this material – it is really easy to cut to size any shape you want. A Foamex board becomes a really versatile material that is very easy to fashion into your requirements and also be able to mount it whenever and wherever you want. Different people have different needs, hence whenever you think about the signage that is not only cost-effective but also does not limit you in terms of the size and shape that you want, Foamex board printing is obviously the best choice.

As mentioned earlier, it’s a matter of fact that you can make your brand really stand out with the help of custom shapes and designs and also decide what kind of rigidity you want owing to the different thicknesses that are available in the material.

  • Coming to the next really important point, let’s take a look at the cost-effectiveness of the material. We know that every business, be it a conglomerate or a start-up has a fixed marketing budget. Everyone wants to make sure that they get the most cost-effective signs for marketing which makes Foamex a fantastic, suitable fit for all kinds of requirements and what is even better is that it is really long-lasting. You can take the example of an average interior sign which may last let’s say a year or so, for mix, however, will end of last you at least 3 to 5 years even if you are using it as an outdoor advertising means. The only thing that might actually limit you, is the content that you put out on your advertising board as opposed to how long your Foamex board might actually last.

When compared to other specialist materials that are used for signage, when will find that Foamex sign printing is done at a much cheaper rate which means that you can get good bang for your buck without stretching your budget.

Hence, Foamex board printing is one of the best options out there in the market for all your signage needs and you should definitely capitalize on it.

Nicholas Jansen