Reasons why your kid shouldn’t miss breakfast

Reasons why your kid shouldn’t miss breakfast

Your child may be a fussy eater, and it can take a whole lot of time for you to make your child eat the food properly. Nevertheless, you should never lose out on your patience. Mentioned below are a few reasons why you should make sure that your child does not miss out on the morning breakfast.

  • Breakfast is the first main meal of the day. And the experts always recommend making sure that we have a healthy and heavy breakfast. The kids have a long day and a lot of energy to spend ensuring their proper growth and nourishment. The parents have to give special care to their breakfast. To make the job easy, one can also make breakfast recipes for kids that are already provided to make your job easy.
  • Having a heavy breakfast provides your kid with the fuel to run the entire day. Having a heavy breakfast keeps their stomach full, making sure they have the adequate fuel to run and play the whole day.
  • With the increasing unhealthy lifestyles, having breakfast helps the kids to maintain a healthy weight. Moreover, it could be ten hours more since your little one had their last meal. So having breakfast is equivalent to them breaking the fast. Therefore having breakfast is very necessary for your fussy eater.
  • Furthermore, it also helps in providing your kid with the necessary nutrients for the body. Breakfast is thus the ideal opportunity to serve your child food that is rich in iron, Vitamin B, fibres and carbs. The children who skip their morning meals often suffer from malnutrition and other issues that affect the child’s growth.
  • In case your child is missing breakfast, then it can adversely affect your child’s concentration. Because the brain is also exhausted of energy and needs to be refuelled. To make sure that your child is eating breakfast right, choose healthy meal options that have a low Glycemic Index and are rich in protein.

To make your job easier, we have listed some easy breakfast recipes for kids. You can easily pick one up and serve your little one and see them enjoying food like never before-

  • Rolled oats or untoasted muesli is something your kid can not turn down.
  • Smoothie is an all-time favourite for the little devils. Add some nuts to give some extra crunch to it.
  • A toasted slice of bread with some yummy cheese or Nutella or jam or baked beans or even avocado spread will make the bread simply more tasty and full filling.
  • Poached eggs with some spinach or mushroom or some other vegetables will add the extra punch to the plate.
  • A fruit salad with some yoghurt or milk or honey will not only meet the taste buds but will fill all the nutrition criteria.

You can also channel out your inner master chef and try experimenting with the recipes. But always make sure that your kid has a proper breakfast.


Edward Powell