Renting Gym Equipment Is The New Trend Followed By Most Of The Working Adults

Renting Gym Equipment Is The New Trend Followed By Most Of The Working Adults

The latest fad for most working adults is to not own gym equipment. Rentals have taken the place of ownership for those who want to keep their health under control. Thanks to rising costs in many things it has become a trend to rent instead of to own. This is not going to change soon since Millenials are the driving force behind this trend.

Avoiding the upfront expenses of owning expensive exercise equipment

Just a pair of dumbbells is outrageous these days. How can you keep from having to pay so much just to stay fit? There is this new way of renting fitness equipment that can provide the solution. When a treadmill can cost seven thousand dollars or more, it is probably a wise decision to just go ahead and rent it.

If the treadmill is put on a credit card, it is now officially yours. If that same treadmill breaks it is the responsibility of the owner to fix it. If the machine is rented this is not true. It is similar to leasing a car. The factory will take care of charges for repairs.

Take a look at some use cases of fitness rentals

Some people only need a stationary bike because of recovery from surgery. Other individuals only need a treadmill for a limited amount of time. Pregnant women will sometimes need to rent a treadmill to get into shape after having a baby.

Renta Centre gym equipment is one such company in Australia that knows how to handle the needs of these people. Working adults appreciate not having to get out into the rain to do their exercise. Some are just used to staying indoors. No matter the type of personality an individual may have, it is likely that a rental will be the better decision.

Breaking down the value of renting gym equipment as opposed to owning gym equipment

The pregnant lady mentioned before only needed to rent a treadmill for a limited time. Taking a look at a high-quality treadmill, we will see that she did the right thing by renting and not buying. The treadmill we will use for an example is the NordicTrack C 1650 Treadmill. This particular treadmill costs around $1400 dollars. It may cost $15 dollars a month to rent. If the new mother had had to pay out the entire amount in full, that would have been equal to 93 months of rental.

That is close to eight years of treadmill rental. She definitely made the right decision. There is no way that that machine would have had the same quality after eight years of use. If it had been hers outright, not only would she have had to have it serviced, but it would not be in the same shape if used regularly for eight years.

As a working adult, it is preferable to let someone else do the heavy lifting

A piece of gym equipment is going to weigh a lot. A treadmill can weigh around 300 pounds. How would you get that in or out of your car? Buying one yourself also means you will have to do the assembling. For those who are not particularly fond of using hand tools or do not know how to use hand tools, this is another negative issue.

The solution is to have a rented treadmill delivered to your home. This would fix both problems. The delivery drivers do the heavy lifting and the gym piece arrives assembled. If it is not assembled, they do the assembly for you. You will want to get in shape, but at the same time, you also want to save your back. Let the delivery drivers do the hard labor for you.

Clare Louise