Rug Cleaning – The 4 step process of professional rug cleaning

Rug Cleaning – The 4 step process of professional rug cleaning

An honest answer to the question that is frequently asked by most of the households in Manassas VA about how to understand that they had chosen the best professional cleaning service providers for their homes is that choose the company that provides a host of services under one umbrella and most importantly those services should be backed by strong and positive customer feedback. Other things that you should consider before choosing a professional cleaning service provider is that do not ever trust the amateurs for the job, they do more harm to the interiors due to the lack of proper cleaning equipment and last but not least, check whether they are willing to offer a competitive price for the cleaning services that they are providing. If you are a resident of Manassas VA and are looking for the best professional cleaning services in Manassas VA then your search ends with Tulip Carpet Cleaning Manassas.

Why would you choose Tulip Carpet Cleaning Manassas over the other cleaning companies in Manassas?

To begin with, Tulip Carpet Cleaning Manassas always offers the services to the customers at the best and most competitive rates which are the best among the entire cleaning companies in Manassas VA. Apart from carpet and rug cleaning, the company provides a host of other services which are the best in Manassas. Let us discuss the services:

  • The air duct cleaning companies provide dry vent cleaning services. In this service, they provide the services like dryer vent cleaning, HVAC maintenance, and other services so that the air that enters the interiors of the house is pure and healthy. This would be good for the health of the members of your family which would include the pets as well.
  • Your wooden flooring needs to be cleaned and restored within a specific period. This ensures that the wooden flooring will have greater longevity. The knowledgeable staff of Tulip Carpet Cleaning Manassas has the cleaning equipment that is needed to remove dirt and grime from the hardwood flooring and also have the cleaning solutions that clean the floor to restore it to its original condition.
  • You would need the professionals from Tulip Carpet Cleaning Manassas at your side if your home or office has been struck by a catastrophe related to a flood or a sudden pipe burst. Services like water damage restoration, mold inspection, and remediation at sites that have been affected by water damage are one of the other services provided by Tulip Carpet Cleaning Manassas.

Last but not least, it is recommended that you hire the best cleaning professionals who are always ready to explain why they are adopting the cleaning process and how it would help to make your interiors look cleaner and better. The cleaners from Tulip Carpet Cleaning Manassas guarantee after the service they have provided, they would not leave unless the clients are completely satisfied with the services provided.

The 4 step process of professional rug cleaning 

The best cleaning professionals who provide services related to rug cleaning in Manassas VA will always accept that rug cleaning is a time-consuming system that needs the most effective equipment and the best cleaning solutions to achieve the best results. Rug cleaning is not only confined to removing soil, dirt, stains, and odors from the rugs. It is also related to restoring and repairing the fibers, dyes, weave types, and construction of each rug so that after cleaning the rug looks as good as new. In this article, we will discuss the four-step rug cleaning process.

  • The first step of rug cleaning in Manassas VA is the initial inspection and rug pick-up services. One of the cleaning inspectors associated with Tulip Carpet Cleaning Manassas will visit your home or office, inspect the rug and give you the estimated cleaning charges. Once agreed, they will pick up the rug for cleaning.
  • Before washing the rug, compressed dry, cold air is used on the carpet which drugs from both sides. The method moves the dust, dirt, and debris that are stuck in the carpet fabrics which a vacuum cleaner is not able to remove.
  • After the dusting and before washing the rug is tested to determine how much moisture could the rug endure and what is the best process to retain the color of the rug. A clear water rinse is then done by hand to remove the spots and stains from the rugs so that the rug gets back its soft and springy look. 
  • Rugs are dried using fresh air and this finishes the processes of natural and gentle rug cleaning.

This is the safe and eco-friendly four-step cleaning process which not that leans the rug but ensures that its color appearance is not damaged.



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