Saving Relationships Through Counseling

Saving Relationships Through Counseling

Relationships, just like human bodies, need constant care and attention to ensure that they flourish under the right conditions. If neglected, relationships can experience illnesses, too. It’s important to find the right “treatment” if that happens, like what we do in times we’re not feeling our best.

On that note, the treatment always depends on how grave the matter is. “Simple colds and flu” like disagreements and other non-major fights may just require proper communication and affection so that the relationship can be restored to its healthy state.

There are times, however, when professional help is needed to make the relationship thrive again. Couples in Draper should sign up for couples’ therapy if they’re having communication issues in their relationships.

Communication Issues

One of the foundations of a healthy relationship is communication. When done right, talking can help you do so many things, like forging a deeper bond and building up trust. It’s also a needed component when resolving problems. This is why ineffective communication can lead to stress and frustration for married couples.

Destructive Arguments

In arguments, the inability to express yourself properly can lead to a slew of problems like misunderstanding, invalidated feelings, and even trust issues. For example, “you’re blowing things out of proportion” undermines what the other person is feeling, while “you forget to do your chores every time” generalizes their being in a negative manner.

Your marriage may degenerate if every fight persists in this manner. This is why it’s best to see a counselor who’s objective about your relationship. Enhancing your communication skills can also improve the way you go about arguments. Volume doesn’t always mean you’re heard properly.

Most of the time, couples need to cool off and pause an argument. Coming back to it with a clear head gives you greater chances of saying what you actually mean in a concise manner. Moreover, it reduces the chances of the conversation devolving into a screaming match where one of you marches off.

Lack of Affection

A person’s love language indicates how they show and feel appreciation. Each person has a different primary language. It can either be gifts, words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, or acts of service. Any person not given the chance to perform their language, and in turn, receive it, can feel neglected in the relationship. So, learn more about your partner’s love language.

However, many of us rely so much on “hints.” We think that if our partner knows and loves us, they should automatically understand what we need. Wrong. Our partners aren’t mindreaders. Most of the time, being explicit in what we want and need will be more helpful than assuming that our partners will automatically know everything.

Trust Issues

Miscommunication can make it seem that we no longer know the person who we’re with. It can cause doubt, lead to assumptions, and consequently, the loss of trust in our partners.

By taking the time to meet with a counselor, anyone having trouble in their relationships can help salvage it from ruin. In turn, they can also strengthen their skills in communication. It helps establish better connections not only with their partners but with other people, too.

Bonnie Baldwin