Score Highest Marks in IAS Through UPSC Online Coaching

Score Highest Marks in IAS Through UPSC Online Coaching

IAS stands for Indian Administrative Service; it is one of the highly prestigious positions in the Indian government. To become an IAS officer you must clear the Civil services exam conducted by Union Public Service Commission. 

However, getting good marks and rank in the Civil Service exam is not easy, you are required to attend coaching classes and study thoroughly for the syllabus. UPSC online coaching provides updated modules and study material for all its candidates who aspire to become IAS officers. 

UPSC syllabus: 

Civil Services Exam is considered as one of the toughest exams in India; hence the candidate must be ambitious and keen on his desire to clear the exam. With a lot of practice, study, skills, and motivation he can fulfill his dream. The syllabus is vast and covers almost all the categories of education and skill set.

Without proper coaching, it would be difficult and next to impossible for any aspirant to clear the exam. The paper will be divided into three parts: preliminary, mains, and interview. UPSC syllabus involves current affairs on national and international topics, the geography of the globe, general science and general issues, etc. 

The topics which are covered for paper two include:

  • Communication skills
  • Literacy skills
  • Decision making and problem-solving ability
  • Analyzing mental ability 
  • Logical reasoning, etc.

The candidate must score good marks in the Main and interview examination, the written part has a total of 9 papers but only 7 papers will be counted for merit ranking. The rest of the 2 papers are kept for just securing minimum marks. 

Kurukshetra magazine: 

This is a monthly magazine that plays a significant role in the preparation for the UPSC exam. The main aspect of this magazine is that it is published by the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India.

This source of knowledge contains several facts, data, and new policies made by the government. You must be a regular reader of Kurukshetra magazine to keep your facts updated with changing times. This will only help you in approaching the answers in the Mains exam. 

Responsibilities of an IAS officer:

An IAS officer is responsible for the law and order of the area under his work; he is given some special powers considering the responsibilities given to him. It is expected that he must use the given powers for the betterment of the citizens of India. We will be discussing a few responsibilities of an IAS officer below:

  • Supervising the policies and even making changes to them as and when required.
  • Engaging in the internal and external affairs of the country.
  • Conducting meetings with the ministers across India and discussing the schemes and policies.
  • Responsible for supervision of public funds expenditure and explaining them in front of the State Legislature. 
  • Traveling to places for auditing the public services and funds.

People tend to just focus on the earnings and power of an IAS officer, but they fail to recognize how much work is done by an IAS officer. To reach that level, you must be well prepared to face all the challenges and hurdles.

The main competition is the training part and clearing the Civil Service Exam, candidates appearing for this exam must score good marks then only they will stand out. The coaching centers will help you at every step of your program by giving constant guidance and support, motivation, and encouragement. 
Lastly, if possible, improve your vocabulary by google word coach apps. It is a modern way to improvise your vocabulary collections. Individuals who are ready to absorb every bit of criticism and challenge tend to clear CSE with flying colors. Hard work always pays off!

Edward Powell