SEO Link Juice – the Old Makes the New Better

SEO Link Juice – the Old Makes the New Better

Typically, the older an optimized webpage is, the stronger it becomes. Websites that have been around for years and continue to hold a high rank have an incredible amount of power.

The main struggle that comes with building a new page or blog post is getting traffic running through it. Your blog will not instantly reach rank 1 just because it is on your high-ranking website. (Though this helps, of course)

To solve this problem, all you need is a little SEO link juice. How does this work? Let me explain:

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Take Wikipedia as an Example

Wikipedia is perhaps one of the oldest, most powerful websites to date. The entire thing is put together by random people, as anyone can edit Wikipedia. Each page has hundreds of links, mostly interlinking with other pages from their own site, as well as high-ranking websites that support their information.

New Wikipedia pages still start at a low rank to begin with. However, because these new pages will be linking to a number of their older counterparts, they don’t stay this way for long.

The Same Thing Works for Yours!

When you create a new blog post, the first thing you should do is backlink to two or three of your older posts. These posts have already been collecting SEO juice for a while. Backlinking from the new page allows some of that SEO juice to dribble down to that page. If your page was initially rank 7, linking it to several of your rank 1 pages will help it climb to rank 2 or even 1 after a short time.

Remember, this will still take time. Any healthy scheme to improve a webpage’s ranking takes weeks if not months to come to fruition. However, not backlinking may cause you to have to wait for years. It is much better to get that little boost and save yourself the trouble of waiting so long, don’t you agree?

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Paul Petersen