SEO Strategies For Winter Holidays

SEO Strategies For Winter Holidays

The cold winter season brings a happy and exciting time where friends and family get together. The glowing white snow, the cozy fur coats, the cute mittens, and warm hats are the fashion items everyone brings forth from the back of the closets. Additionally, people get to shop for gifts, relics, and decorations for their friends, families, and colleagues. During the winter holidays, the shopping frenzy is crazy that people wait in line or stick by their computers for hours for stores to open holiday sales.

As a business owner, this is your time to shine. More so if your business is online. Your website has to reflect the holiday cheer; otherwise, you will miss out on potential clients. With that said,, a reputable SEO agency on the international market, told us what are the strategies that you must employ in the optimization of your site.

Tailor your keywords to fit the holiday

As you know, keywords are the driving force of almost all searches on the internet. People use words to type in what they want on the web and are presented with hundreds of pages on the same. So much so, as a site owner, you must use these same holiday-specific words to optimize your site. Instead of going for only one-word keywords, try using long-tail keywords to streamline your optimization further. For instance, you may want to use the phrase ‘gift wrapping services for free’ instead of the simple ‘gift wrapping’. What this achieves is that the web surfer interested in that service will find you in the shortest period.

Collaborate with other websites

You can never go wrong with collaborations and inter-site networking. It just raises both your chances of acquiring clients and converting them to long term customers. This SEO strategy entails the deliberate posting of your content with a backlink pointing to your website on someone else’s website. Such that when someone clicks on the highlighted word or phrase, they are led straight to your products or services. It saves them both time and in some cases, money, as you may offer discounts on items bought via the linked site. This is useful for people who lack time to peruse through all Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Kwanza, or any other winter holiday website to buy a gift.

Customize your landing pages

Landing pages have to be very specific as to what the client is looking for. Needless to say, you, as the site owner, need to customize its design to fit the holiday cheer. Meaning the graphic content and the material posted must be in line with the holidays. You may post cute and straightforward tutorials on DIY holiday projects, featured products, and articles on gift ideas for your loved one, so on and so forth. Be sure not to forget the musical aspect of the sites. For example, include known lyrical videos or videos of choirs or kids singing.

The key thing to always keep in mind is that the customer is always right. For that reason, do your research and post relevant and trendy stuff that will fancy their tickle.


The holidays are a happy time, a time to give and share what we have. It is also a fantastic time to get work done and cheerfully end the year. And what better way to do so than by using the SEO strategies mentioned above?


Bonnie Baldwin