SEO Tactics You Should Forget About Right Now

SEO Tactics You Should Forget About Right Now

SEO changes all the time. Tactics come and go almost every day. Some stick around for months while others die out in days. It is up to each and every one of us to keep up with them.

There are hundreds of outdated SEO tactics that some people still like to use. These outdated tactics will do you more harm than good and should be avoided. Read on to find out more, or enrol in an SEO training course to be constantly kept abreast with the changing landscape.

Let’s take a look at a few of them now, shall we?

Building Tons of Pieces of Content Around the Same Keyword

In the past, you could create 100 or even 1000 pieces of content around a single keyword just by changing the title slightly. That doesn’t work very well now.

Doing so only causes Google’s web crawlers to find your website shady. Not only that but your viewers will notice the similar content and get tired of it.

Posting Content Whenever You Have It Ready

You can’t just post content whenever you like nowadays. Throwing content around doesn’t get your traffic the way it used to.

It is much better to have a schedule. Posting certain types of content at scheduled times in the week is much better than posting a bunch of content all at once then nothing for several days.

When your content drops off, even for a short time, you lose traction on Google which hurts your ranking. It is far better to save up your content and post it at scheduled times without fail.

Creating Fake Customer Reviews

If you really want to ruin your online business, then creating fake customer reviews is a good plan. However, if you want to build a good online business that gets good reviews because of its own merit, then you have a much better chance of succeeding.

Instead, simply improve your social media strategies and ensure that your products and/or services are high-quality. This is a much better strategy for success!

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