Sewage Backup Cleanup – What You Need to Know 

Sewage Backup Cleanup – What You Need to Know 

A number of factors can be responsible for a sewage leak. Some of which include an overfilled septic tank, a blocked pipe, or blocked toilet drainage. Apart from the bad odor a sewage backup can bring, it also comes with its own share of health risks. The health risks arise because the sewage can serve as a reservoir for microorganisms, including fungi, bacteria, and protozoa to breed. Thus, to avoid being exposed to these microorganisms, you should hire the best sewage backup cleanup services Chattanooga TN. The longer the wait, the more you expose yourself and your family to serious health risks.

When should you hire a sewage cleanup service?

Though some people may decide to do a sewage cleanup themselves, due to the health risks, it is advisable you get a professional for this. Due to the danger of exposure, this process requires expertise and experience. Unless the backup is minor or the spill covers just a small area, you shouldn’t attempt to do this yourself. 

Generally, water damage is classified under 3 categories:

  • The first category is called the clean water category. This water damage is from non-contaminated water usually from a broken water pipe or tank.
  • The second category is the gray water category. This water damage is from contamination although not as much. It is usually from the overflow of clean toilet water or dishwashing. 
  • The third category is the most severe and poses the greatest health risk. This is the category that sewage backup falls under. This water damage breeds microorganisms and is a major health concern. Category 3 water damage should always be handled by a professional cleanup service. 

What does the sewage cleanup process entail?  

A sewage backup cleanup company has the expertise and experience required to handle a sewage backup problem or any other grade 3 water problem. The work of these professionals is to effectively remove the sewage spill and make sure every aspect of your home is conducive for living. They make sure no evidence of sewage spill is left behind. The method that they will employ for the sewage cleanup will depend largely on the extent of the sewage backup and the extent of the contamination. 

Generally though, the cleanup process will comprise of the following steps:

  • Inspect the area and determine the extent of the sewage backup. 
  • Document the extent of the sewage backup and the degree of contamination. 
  • Clean the area thoroughly. The method of cleanup will depend on the result from the steps above. 
  • Getting rid of contaminated materials that cannot be effectively cleaned. These will usually be porous materials such as sofas, carpets, and rugs. 
  • Adequate and proper air drying with highly effective air filters. This is done to make sure that moisture is removed as much as possible and also to get rid of any mold that may be lingering in the air. 

What is the cost of sewage treatment?

Before hiring a sewage backup service, you might want to know what the cost of hiring will be. The actual amount will often vary on your location and the extent of the damage. However, the cost is usually between not less than $1500 and not more than $11000. 


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