Sexual Fantasies which every woman wants to be fulfilled

Sexual Fantasies which every woman wants to be fulfilled


Every woman has fantasized some sexual fantasies which she may not be ashamed to share. No matter if it is your girlfriend, wife or an escort, there are some fantasies in the heart of every woman. Remember, fantasizing is great for a healthy sex relationship. Some fantasies are taboo and not acceptable socially while others are readily available. Here are some modern woman fantasies:

Strangers in the night

Women enjoy the thought of meeting up with a mystery man and going to a new hotel with him for a wild night sex. Sometimes they just want to let themselves loose with strangers because they don’t want to be judged. Same goes with the boys. If you want to enjoy a night like this, you can hire escort Lausanne who will never judge you and share a passionate night with you. After leaving you will not even know her name.

The more the better

Group sex is often preferred by ladies. The freedom to be nude in front of anyone they want and allowing men and women to touch them and arouse them is fun. However, do not assume that all women want to go for group intercourse.

Who is your daddy? 

Most of the women love to dominate a man during sex. The number of ideas for it is numerous. Some of the activities include spanking him, asking him to strip or perform sexual acts or making him beg for what he wants.

Put me on display

A lot of confident women love to have an audience while engaging in an intercourse with a partner. It may excite their performance and empower them. However, remember not all women want it, hence make sure your partner demands for it.

Sexually atrophied

A lot of women fantasize about being a submissive. They want to surrender to their master’s demand. They want their partners to make her orgasm as fast as possible and make her do things according to his wishes.

Enjoy a virtual sex

Yes, a lot of women like to arouse you before the original session or just prefer a session of virtual sex. Well, this is another fantasy which most women have. Virtual sex is all about trying sex in a new way before the real game begins. Escort girls can give you the pleasure of virtual sex as many times as you want.

Leaving a good tip

Make sure you keep in mind that a lot of women who do lap dance or strip or massage for their clients fantasize a good tip. Yes, this is something they really think of getting after a good performance.


A lot of women fantasize role-play. They may have several acts in their mind and who want to execute one with you. It totally depends on the kind of scenario they want to create. 

So, guys please keep these fantasies in mind and make sure you know what your woman wants. Try some of them to make your woman sexually charged.


David Lockhart