Shatter Or Extract – An E-Liquid You Can’t Live Without!

Shatter Or Extract – An E-Liquid You Can’t Live Without!

A top of the line wax liquidizer can turn any favorite extracts like Shatter, BHO, Honey, and live resin into an amazing e-juice that’s not only tasty, but also offers some amazing vapor production. In just three easy steps you’ll have an amazing e-juice ready to hit the market. This article will walk you through step by step through the entire process of making a superior quality Shatter e-liquid with the wax liquidizer.

The first step to producing your own Shatter is to make a “Dab.” The dam is simply a mold, often called a “shaker jar,” that’s filled with your preferred extract. Next, the liquid is poured into the shaker jar, which has been prepared according to your recipe. You’re now ready to turn it upside down and shake it up. Let it sit for several minutes, shaking it every few minutes, before using it.

The next step in making the Shatter e-liquid is to prepare the Shatter or liquid extract by either pouring it directly into your VaporShaker, or pressing the liquid into the extract bottle. Once you pour it into the VaporShaker or extract bottle, allow it to set for a couple of hours. After the time is up, you are ready to use the Wax Liquidizer and start creating your very own premium e-liquids.

The second step is to install the VaporShaker on your vaporizer. Depending on the vaporizer model, you may need to unscrew the two caps on the top and bottom. Now you are ready to add your Shatter or extract to your VaporShaker. Press it against the wax chamber until the wax fully coats the vaporizer. Turn the vaporizer on and you are ready to go!

After you’ve created your e-liquid, it’s time to store it in your VaporShaker, if you haven’t already done so. Once the wax is completely cured, remove the Shatter or extract from your VaporShaker and store it in a dry place. To ensure the perfect temperature, always store the wax or extract in a dark, cool place that doesn’t get direct sunlight.

If you want to try out your new e-liquid in the air, simply take the Shatter or extract and leave it inside the VaporShaker for about a week. Before you fill it with the vaporizer’s chamber. When you notice a change in the taste, simply turn off the vaporizer, empty it, and add it to your vaporizer, then wait about 30 seconds before turning it back on again.

If you’re using the wax terpenes liquidizer in the kitchen, be sure to keep a clean towel or paper towel nearby, since your vaporizer can get pretty messy. Once the wax is completely cured, you can now store it in the freezer. Now you’re ready to enjoy! Or you can even go on the road and create your own e-liquid from your Shatter or extract!

As you can see, making a quality Shatter e-liquid with the Wax Liquidizer is not difficult. With a little bit of trial and error, your homemade Shatter is sure to produce high-quality flavors and a satisfying experience! Be sure to stay away from other juices that have been extracted with cheaper products!

If you’re learning how to make your own e-juice, make sure to read all instructions before you even start! Since you don’t want to mess up any of the original Shatter or extract, be sure to follow directions precisely!

To find a simple step-by-step guide on how to make Shatter or extract with the Vaporizer, check out my website for more information. If you’re still a little unsure as to exactly how this amazing invention works, try reading an e-book by the creator himself, or her mother! I’m sure you’ll be a believer once you finish this amazing book!

In conclusion, I hope that my article has given you some tips on how to produce a tasty, refreshing Shatter or extract for your Vaporizer. This device is so easy and fun to use! I can’t imagine anyone would ever go back to store bought e-juice! I highly recommend that you give it a try at home for yourself!


Edward Powell