Significant things which you need to do before booking a temporary apartment.

Significant things which you need to do before booking a temporary apartment.

When looking for a temporary furnished apartment, we always want to get the best services in the market for money spent. It is, therefore, necessary that you do some research, to find out the market prices for the house you are interested in, the most suitable location depending on what your travels are about among other things. APT212, one new York’s top agencies in serviced apartments as well warns that you should beware of scammers masquerading as authentic agents who may take advantage of you if not careful. To be safe, several things which you need to familiarize yourself with before the actual move include;

Know your options- there are various categories of serviced apartments such as studio apartments, one bedroomed apartment, etc. from which you can make your most preferable choice. You can visit two or more websites from various service providers and compare the apartments on offer before figuring out those that are worth checking out and those which are not considering you cannot visit all of them.

Hire a trusted agent-  agents are better suited to give you most of the information you require about the various apartments on offer, advice on the best choices depending on your budget, location as well as amenities. Furthermore, you may not have to pay the agent considering they are hired and paid to help out by various serviced apartment agencies or property owners.

Plan for your belongings-  considering most short term housing plans offer furnished apartments for convenience, you may have to significantly cut down on the luggage and carry only what is not offered in the apartment. You can get in touch with the renter to know exactly what is there and what is not to ensure you pack everything that you will need during your stay.

Take into consideration the length of your stay- according to APT212 the duration of your stay can help you choose an appropriate apartment for the time you will be there. You may have to find an option that is budget-friendly as opposed to comfort if your stay is going to be very short. It is as well important to ensure the apartment you choose is flexible to let you extend your stay if you are not sure how much time you are going to be there.

Account for your pets in the search- if you are one of those people who like having pets in their house, it is necessary for you to search for those apartments that are pet-friendly. Most temporary apartments do not allow pets but there are some which do although there is a monthly fee which you will have to pay apart from the rent.

Account for all costs of living in the apartment- before the actual move, you should know other costs that you may be obligated to cater for apart from the rent. There are apartments which will require you to pay parking fees, repairs which are done during your stay, etc. You should, therefore, know all the costs that come with the apartment and confirm they are within your budget before you sign the lease.


Finding the perfect furnished apartment for your short term stay can take a lot of work and time. APT212 advises all potential customers to start the search and booking process as early as possible to get all the information they require and talk to the relevant personnel before the actual travel dates. This will minimize the last-minute rush and possibly reduce the chances of being targeted by scammers.

Clare Louise